Theissen Training Systems GmbH (TTS)

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Training Simulators & Training Aids

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For decades, the name THEISSEN has stood for leading designers and producers of target appliances of all kind. Since 1934 Theissen has been producing stationary and moving targets for small arms up to tank and anti tank weapons. In 1993, Theissen Training System GmbH (TTS) was founded as a separate company, specialising in the area of live fire training, target appliances and control systems. The complete Theissen Training Systems Group has its main offices in Düsseldorf, Germany with further design, development and production plants in Belgium, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA.


TTS can deliver target units for all kind of training, starting at basic shooting ranges for rifles up to battlefield and combined arms shooting ranges for armoured vehicle and tanks, including air to ground shooting.

All design, development and production is done within the group, using TTS facilities either in Germany or in TTS plants in Belgium, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom or the United States.

All the production facilities are fully CNC - controlled and covering all aspects of mechanical, electrical and assembly production.

We produce target appliances for all kind of live fire training as well as for small arms and tank and anti - tank weapons. These include pop-up targets for infantry and tank shooting and moving target systems for small arms and anti tank shooting.

Evaluation of the firing results can be done by conventional hit sensors, but today's state-of the-art technology employs automatic marking and scoring systems, sometimes called Location of Miss and Hit Systems. These systems allow the correct detection of the location of the hit on the target and are even able to detect the exact location of near misses without the need of special target material.

All ranges are controlled either by hand held controllers, radio linked, or by computerised control systems, which allow the fully automatic control of all kinds of ranges, either by radio or cable link.

Enemy fire simulators and hit indicators are added to the target appliances and are used to give a more realistic training environment. The simulators make use of standard pyrotechnic ammunition or are non - pyrotechnic simulators, increasing the safety of the range personnel while reducing the life cycle costs.

As more and more modern weapon systems are equipped with infrared night visors, all our target appliances can be equipped with thermal target heating systems, which provide a thermal image on the target that can be clearly identified.


The TTS service includes giving advice to the potential user, analysis of the user's training requirements for small arms for AFVs and tanks and converting the results of this analysis into a proposal for a layout of the firing range in the training area. This service is not only limited to all aspects of the firing range itself, but can incorporate the planning and design of all related infrastructure and organisational needs, including the necessary administration and maintenance facilities.

TTS with its expert personnel ensures continuity of advice to fulfil, long-term, customers' requirements. Trained service teams are available for after-sales service, including preventive and corrective maintenance.

All components in our range can be used to upgrade existing target appliances to extend its working life and adapt these units to modern training needs.

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