CeramTec-ETEC GmbH

Type of activity:
Ballistic Protection
Contact: Dieter Effenberger

An der Burg Sulz 17,
D-53797 Lohmar

Phone: +49 2205 9200-0
Fax: +49 2205 9200-144

CeramTec-ETEC is a CeramTec subsidiary headquartered in Lohmar, Germany that offers solutions made from ALOTEC® advanced ceramics for wear and corrosion protection, ceramic armor for ballistic protection of personnel, vehicles and assets, ALOSLIDE® inrun track systems for ski jumping events, and PERLUCOR® transparent ceramics.

CeramTec-ETEC, a subsidiary of CeramTec since November 2008, is one of the world’s most important providers of wear and corrosion protection solutions for industrial plants and of components for ballistic protection of personnel and vehicles based on ALOTEC® advanced ceramics. CeramTec-ETEC’s ALOSLIDE® inrun track system with ceramic nubs developed for ski jumps makes it possible to hold ski jumping events all year round. Transparent PERLUCOR® ceramics are yet another innovation from the company.

For object protection, CeramTec-ETEC manufactures tiles with many different dimensions and shapes according to customers? specifications. Regarding body armour, ETEC supplies both inserts based on curved multi-tiles as well as single- and multi-curved monoliths.

ETEC range of materials:

  • ALOTEC - 96 SB p ³ 3.75 g/ccm

  • ALOTEC - 98 SB p ³ 3.80 g/ccm

  • ALOTEC - 99 SB p ³ 3.89 g/ccm

  • ALOCOR p ³ 3.96 g/ccm

  • SICADUR p ³ 3.20 g/ccm (silicon carbide)

CeramTec-ETEC materials - outstanding due to excellent ballistic performance, constant product quality and extremely high accuracy of components. ETEC is certified acc. to DIN ISO 9001: 2000.

Continuously improving performance and product quality. Intense co-operation between CeramTec-ETEC and German and international system suppliers enabling constant product quality improvement and introduction of new materials into the market.Today, CeramTec-ETEC is ranging among the leading ceramic body armour suppliers worldwide.

SICADUR (Ceramic Armour)
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