Minotor-Service Unitary Enterprise

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles
Design, Research, Consultancy & Training Services
Contact: Svetlana Ilyankova

40 Radialnaya Str.,

Phone: +375 17 245 2262
Fax: +375 17 285 4602

Minotor-Service Unitary Enterprise (UE), Belarus, is a defense company specializing in repair, upgrade, and development of tracked vehicles for various purpose.

Not a single claim has been received from our customers for more than 500 vehicles repaired and upgraded by the company.

Minotor-Service is involved in the repair of the following AA systems:

  • «Tunguska» SPAAG/SPAAM (NATO designation M1986) (GM-352);

  • «Buk» SAM (NATO designation SA-11 «Gadfly») (GM-569, -577, -579);

  • «Kub» SAM (NATO designation SA-6 «Gainful») (GM-568, -578);

  • ZSU-23-4 «Shllka» SPAAG (GM-575);

  • «Tor» SPAAM (NATO designation SA-15 «Gauntlet») (GM-355).

The company has production capabilities for the repair of tracked chassis of:

  • «Krug» SAM (NATO designation SA-4 «Ganef») (Type 123 and 124);

  • «Strela-10» SPAAM (NATO designation SA-13 «Gopher») (MT-LB);

Minotor-Service upgrades the following systems:

  • ZSU-23-4 «Shilka» SPAAG to M4/M5 levels;

  • BTR-50APC;

  • MT-LBu.

The «Mule» Forward Area Supply Carrier (FASC) vehicle has been developed based on the experience gained by the ground forces used in the Afganistan, Yugoslavian, and Chechen campaigns. The vehicle is designed to operate in the areas requiring enhanced protection of the transported personnel and supplies.

A brand new deep reconnaissance 2T «Stalker» Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) and 3T Tracked Carrier (TC) have been developed and are currently being trialed.

Minotor-Service is involved in the RnD, design work, and experimental development in the following areas:

  • development of future military equipment;

  • modernization of the military equipment currently in service;

  • prevention of vehicle detection and engagement;

  • combat vehicles «stealth» capabilities;

  • development of future chassis for military systems;

  • automation of combat vehicle control;

  • combat vehicle crew protection;

  • development and production of armored vehicle mockups.

Training facilities offered by Minotor-Service are designed to intensify the training process relating to the study of the tracked chassis of the Tunguska SPAAG/SPAAM. The training facilities comprise:

  • training poster set;

  • split units and aggregates of the tracked chassis.

Design of the vehicle units and aggregates is demonstrated through the use of splits. This provides for an easier perception of the training material and enhanced training of the Tunguska crews resulting in a more efficient operation and maintenance of the tracked chassis and the whole system.

2T Stalker (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
3T (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
778 Breeze (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
BTR-50PKM (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
CM30 (Weapon station)
Kiwi (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Mosquito (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Mule (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
MULE (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
SM120 (Self-propelled mortar)
TZM122 (Ammunition resupply vehicle)
Vitim (Reconnaissance Vehicle)
Vitim 668240 (Truck)
ZSU-23-4 Shilka-M (Anti-aircraft system)
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