Defence Industries Organisation (D.I.O.)

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles

P.O. Box: 19586-777
Pasdaran St.

Phone: (+98-21) 254 2059
Fax: (+98 21) 255 1961

Defence Industries Organization is one of the largest manufacturing subsidiaries of the Ministry of Defence & armed forces logistics of the Islamic republic of Iran which is involved in multi-purpose production of defence & civil products as under:

1. Export Defence Products:

Armour personnel carrier, M.B.tank, guns (Howitzer, propelled & self-propelled), rocket launchers (107& 122 mm), mortar & mortar launchers (60,81,120 mm),anti tanks (RPG 7, SPG9), G3 rifle, MG3 & machine guns (9 & 12.7 mm Duschka), Pistol (ZOAF 9, 38 mm), Industrial chemicals, hunting rifles (air, single & double barrels), MPT (9 & 9 - S), NBC protection equipment, small calibre cartridge such as 5.56 X 45, 7.62 X (39,51,54), 9X 19(luger), 12.7 X 107,anti-aircraft (20,23,30 & 35 mm), pyrotechnics, fuzes, primers, variety of shells from 100 up to 203 mm ranges, detonators, fireworks, various kinds of floating vessels, fast patrol boats.

2. Export Civil & Commercial Products:

Accessories for petroleum & gas industries (steam trap TD 60, punch valve steel (T-services), municipal gas regulators gas valve 1/2 inch, perforating gun for petroleum wells, three closure caps, gas station) water pipeline valves, kaveh cutting tools, water cooler, brass and copper materials, industrial explosives & detonators for controlled explosions in mines, chemicals (medicine & food grades), cmc, health and cosmetic (arvin), industrial suits, masks,filters, laboratory hoods, self-defence tear gas spray (cs), civil construction, engineering & technical services, rahro vehicles (bus, mini-bus, light trucks), "fath" vehicle (heavy duty long wheelbase pick up 4 wd), fire fighting truck & equipment, cement factories equipment, rollers, all kinds of aircraft tyres (Airbus, Boeing, Fighters), power supply equipment, floating docks, barges, jetties, floating bridge and police station, fire resistant life boats for petroleum industries, low, medium and high alloy steels.

? (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Bahman (Anti-aircraft system)
Boraq / Boragh (Self-propelled mortar)
Boraq / Boragh (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Cobra (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
HM41 (Self-propelled howitzer)
HM41 (Towed howitzer)
Howeizeh (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Karrar (Main battle tank)
Neynava MTV (Truck)
Raad (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
Rakhsh (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Safir-74 (Modernization of the vehicle)
Shafie D-301 (Towed howitzer)
SPG 9 (Recoilless gun)
Thunder-1/Raad-1 (Self-propelled gun)
Thunder-2/Raad-2 (Self-propelled howitzer)
Tiam (Main battle tank)
Type 72Z (Main battle tank)
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