CSM Tisovec a.s.

Type of activity:
Auxiliary Vehicles
Contact: Ing. Milos Borsky

Daxnerova 756,
98061 Tisovec

Phone: +421 47 54 944 00
Fax: +421 47 52 111 75

CSM Tisovec a.s. is a world leading manufacturer of hydraulic telescopic excavators UDS, universal demining vehicles UQS 155 and all terrain vehicles HillCat 1100.Universal deblocking machine UOS 155 with demining device, copying terrain surface, is designed for demining and deblocking works, foiling of infantry and anti-tank mines through the hammer impact and activation or through the mechanical destruction. Machine universality is further extended by use of another 23 types of additiona l attachments.

HillCat 1100 is the vehicle designed to cope with the hardest terrain, offering an attractive blend of a powerful engine, agile and manoeuvrable hydrostatic transmission. Eight driven wheels and lightweight monocoque body secures its extreme off road performance. Maximum speed 30 km per hour, climbing ability 76 percent accompanied by low ground pressure (104 g.cm2) and front approach angle more than 90o makes it ideal for the terrain full of ravines, rocks, sharp bends, extreme slopes.

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