Type of activity:
Auxiliary Equipment


DAHER offers a complete range of integrated shelters which includes their design, development up to qualification tests, manufacture, assembly and maintenance.

These integrated shelters are:

  • Aerotransportable tactical shelters, with an aluminium structure, for radar systems, mobile control and communication centres, weather stations, etc. (product range developed and produced in France)

  • Steel logistics shelters including mobile hospitals (operating theatres, dental rooms and field hospitals), all basic living elements and associated modules: kitchen, mess, offices, bunks, toilets, water treatment, waste processing, generator, air conditioning, etc. (range of products developed and produced at DAHER-KARBOX in the Czech Republic).

  • These shelters may be associated with joint operations including metallic fabric tents, as in the scope of deploying mobile hospitals. DAHER also supplies reusable containers to protect fragile accessories.

Shelter integration involves consideration of the following:

  • Severe environmental constraints (extreme temperatures, bacteriological and chemical protection, electromagnetic protection, vibratory constraints and impacts, securing of data for classified networks, etc.)

  • Host structures

  • Wiring networks

  • Operator workstation ergonomics

  • Integrated ground support equipment (generator, inverters, air conditioning, heating, compressed air, handling autonomy, etc.)

  • The integration of all special equipment directly dependent on the shelter's features

  • Associated services, in particular for shelter maintenance in operational conditions (MCO)

Standard and special containers

DAHER also designs and manufactures standard and special containers for missiles and aircraft and helicopter engines (Tiger, Rafale, Eurofighter, etc.). These containers are specially designed to fulfil all the functions of storage, transport, handling, maintenance and positioning.

Ground support equipment

To facilitate operations for industrial groups and the armed forces, DAHER designs tooling for handling, maintenance and positioning to make the different equipment self-sufficient.

In this way, DAHER supplies special trolleys for the fitting, removing and maintenance of aircraft engines, containers for arms systems with integrated trolleys for positioning and handling facilities for shelters (MTM).

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