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Design, Research, Consultancy & Training Services

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Athena is far more than a security company. Athena can create, train, and equip a wide range of capability based solutions for many diverse problems, regardless of the challenge or the environment.

Athena brings years of hard won security, intelligence and critical decision-making experience from the challenges associated with Israel’s national security. Few nations face such challenges. Few nations meet them. Athena is composed of the men and women who met that challenge.


In the age of explosion of Information, CK2I is the ultimate software platform for operational intelligence, supports full management of all stages in the Intelligence work cycle, and brings the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time.

Designed by Israel's top Intelligence and security executives, CK2I copes with virtually unlimited amount of raw data - the foremost problem of intelligence agencies nowadays – process it, analyze it and convert it into Real Time Actionable Intelligence.

CK2I is an open platform, easily connected to any sensor and receive data in almost any format (text, audio, CDR records etc). It can reside next to legacy systems and may be interfaced with any database or info storage.

The information that is stored in the CK2I is continuously checked by a predefined set of rules that detects and warns on any occurrence or mishap which collides with it. These warnings are received immediately by the relevant people in the organization that could react accordingly: further investigate or initiate an operation.

In addition to its data mining capabilities, CK2I also manages the intelligence process workflow, keeping a full record of decisions made and formalizing organizational knowledge into structured processes.


After the latest world events, it is clear that together with its amazing strength and benefit, the World Wide Web could be an excellent source of initiating and coordinating crime and terror.

A cutting edge solution for virtual world operations, including social media, blogs and forums. This powerful suite enables deep web analysis and silent download of contents from a variety of online sources for advanced analysis, complemented by identity management and camouflage capabilities for a one-stop online operations.

CY-HUMINT provides early warning for Intelligence Organizations on potentially harmful events that were set in motion on line.

CY-HUMINT allows one to be warned on the arising and evolving threats originated in social networks, blogs, forum etc. on a passive mode or enables one to penetrate these sites under a disguised to influence the members.

CY-HUMINT creates instant reports and could seamlessly be integrated with CK2I.

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