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Ballistic Protection

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CoorsTek provides specialized mission-critical components for defense and security applications. Each CoorsTek Aerospace Defense and Armor Component product is designed and manufactured for providing reliable, lightweight, and well-tested service. CoorsTek has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide Defense Contracting solutions from custom components to full Specialized Assemblies.

CoorsTek manufactures lightweight, superior ballistic performance ceramic components for armor integration. Each product is made of next-generation materials, shapes, and sizes for use in body, ground vehicle, aircraft, and marine applications to protect the soldiers of today and tomorrow.

CoorsTek produces ceramic armor components used as the ballistic armor (armor) strikeface of lightweight composite armor systems. CeraShield™ ceramics work with appropriate backing systems to neutralize various ballistic threats including armor-piercing rounds and IED shrapnel.

Armor Integration Services

For our customers requiring a comprehensive armor solution, CoorsTek subsidiaries, CoorsTek Armor Solutions (USA only) and DEW Engineering and Development, provide full-service integration solutions for next-generation protective armor systems.

Custom Defense Industry Components

Our ceramics experts have worked with the military and defense components for over 70 years and have proven to be a reliable, secure partner. CoorsTek can provide the components needed for your next-generation defense application.

CeraShield (Ceramic Armour)
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