VMZ - Vazovski mashinostroitelni zavodi, Co.

Type of activity:
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Contact: Ivan Stoenchev, Executive Director

1 Ivan Vazov Blvd.
4330 Sopot
Sofia 111

Phone: +359 3134 3071
Fax: +359 3359 4868

VMZ Co. is a company with many years experience in development and production of ammunition in the following fields:

  • Hollow-Charge and HE Grenades for the RPG-7, SPG-9, 2A-28 Guns and RPG-22 round

  • HE and Hollow-Charge Rounds with Calibres from 100 to 152 (155) mm for the following systems: BS-3, D10T, D10S, D30, 2S1, M46, D20 and ML-20

  • 122mm HE Rocket projectiles (Grad) for the Multiple Launch Rocket System BM 21.

  • Unguided Air-to-Surface Rockets of 57 and 80 mm

  • Anti- Tank Guided Missiles: Fagot, Faktoria, Konkurs and control and test equipment for ATGS, Malyutka and Metis

  • Man-Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems: Strela-2M, Strela-3, lgla-1E

  • Mechanical and Electromechanical Fuses for various ammunition.

9M111-2 Fagot (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
9M111M Faktoria (Anti-tank guided missile launcher)
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