VOP 025 Novy Jicin, s.p.

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles

Novy Jicin, s.p.
Jenov u Novgho Jicina, Dukelska 102
PSC 74242

Phone: 00420-656-783316
Fax: 00420-656-701734

Vojensky opravarensky podnik 025 Novy Jicin, s.p. ( VOP 025) is a state enterprise that has specialised in repairs of heavy-duty military equipment and in engineering production since1946.

The firm has specialised particularly in repairs and modernisation of tanks and vehicles and has the exclusive agreement with the Czech army to provide complete service of all tanks and tank-based equipment.

As a part of its production range, the company produces special vehicles for emergency use in natural disasters and industrial accidents as well as medical equipment and ecological/environmental technology.

The company’s experienced management has at its disposal: development and marketing departments, control system with 230 computers along with high- standard metal machining and forming workshops that can process both steel sheets and stainless steel, a locksmith and welding workshop, a workshop for overhauling diesel engines, an electric equipment workshop, a parts and assemblies surface treatment workshop, and a joiners and upholstery workshop.

Quality control is carried out to comply with the CSN EN ISO 9004. The company has been certificated in accordance with the CSN EN ISO 9001: 1994 standard. The company has been certificated to proceed with welding according to the CSN ISO 792-2 standard.

This company is of interest as a partner for foreign companies due to its active business policy which has collaborated profitably with foreign companies.

VOP 025 pays great attention to environmental protection. A high - efficiency waste-water cleaning plant and refuse incineration plant, which can process liquid, paste and solid wastes, has been built.

VOP 025 is located in an industrial area having immediate access to a motorway, a railway network and to an airport. It can also make use of other companies' production capacities to satisfy the needs of its customers.

? (Explosive reactive armour)
MT-55A (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
T-55AM2 (Modernization of the vehicle)
T-72M3 CZ (Modernization of the vehicle)
T-72M4 CZ (Modernization of the vehicle)
VT-55A (Repair and recovery vehicle)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
T-55AM2 (Modernization of the vehicle) 2
Mar 2004
(Oct 2005)
T-72M4 CZ (Modernization of the vehicle) 30
Jun 2003
(Nov 2005)
T-55AM2 (Modernization of the vehicle) 1
Mar 2000
(Oct 2001)
T-55AM2 (Modernization of the vehicle) 36
Mar 2000
(Oct 2001)
T-55AM2 (Modernization of the vehicle) 132
Jun 1999
(Oct 2002)
T-55AM2 (Modernization of the vehicle) 3
Jun 1999
(Oct 2001)
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