Heavy Industry Taxila (HIT)

Type of activity:
Armoured Vehicles

Taxila Cantt.

Phone: 92-51-9270571-4
Fax: 92-596-9314151

The Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) was envisaged in the seventies and its first production unit, Heavy Rebuild Factory (T-Series) went into series production in 1980. Today, HIT rebuilds and modernises Armoured Vehicles of both eastern and western origin and manufactures Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARV) and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC). HIT has today grown into a large military industrial complex which consists of six major production units, support engineering and research & development units.

TANK AL-KHALID: The MBT employs the world's state-of-the-art technologies. It is equipped with a 125mm smooth bore gun, 1200 HP Multi-fuel Turbo Charged Diesel engine, Auto-Tracking System, Bi-axis Stabilisation, Hunter-Killer capability, Panoramic Sight, Auto-Loader, Thermal Imager, ERA, Battlefield Management System, including GPS-based Land Navigation, Frequency-Hopping communication system and NBC protection.

TANK AL-ZARRAR: This is advanced version of Tank T-59. It has 125mm smooth bore gun, 700 HP diesel engine, Thermal Sight, Advanced Fire-Control system, improved suspension system, ERA / Add-on Armour and GPS.

ACP M-113PA2 MK1: It belongs to the family of most widely used combat vehicles in the world today. The economical upgrading of M-113P A2 is highly suitable to meet battlefield challenges now and in the future. An improved cooling system has enhanced the engine life, whereas, greater mobility and better ride characteristics are a result of improved suspension system.

COMMAND POST CAREER: This variant is based on the APC M-113 family of vehicles (FOV) and has been designed and manufactured by HIT. With height decreased by 25 inches, the vehicle can still negotiate 60% gradient with same comparative ease. The power pack of the M-113 has been maintained.

SECURITY VEHICLE: Security Vehicle has been developed on the chassis of 4x4 wheeled commercial vehicle for the ease of logistic support. It uses welded Aluminum Armour 1.25 inches thick with ricochet angles all around. The vehicle has a rotating turret at the top thus facilitating all round control by the commander. It has bullet proof windscreen and run flat tyres, with seating capacity for eight persons and ten firing ports on sides.

TALHA: This vehicle has been designed and manufactured by HIT indigenously. Talha is an all-terrain, amphibious infantry support vehicle having 12.7mm machine gun. It can be modified to different variants like ambulance, mobile workshop, mortar vehicle, logistic vehicle etc.

Al Hadeed (Repair and recovery vehicle)
Al Hamsa (Modernization of the vehicle)
Al-Khalid (Main battle tank)
Al-Zarar (Modernization of the vehicle)
ASV2000 Dragoon (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
Burraq (Mine protected carrier)
Cheeta (Armoured car)
Maaz (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Mohafiz (Armoured car)
Saad (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
Sakb (Command vehicle)
Talha (Modernization of the vehicle)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
Al-Zarar (Modernization of the vehicle) 400
Feb 2003
(Nov 2008)
Al-Khalid (Main battle tank) 300
Feb 1998
(Dec 2010)
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