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e-mail: fdsp@evnet.yu
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Bulevar umetnosti 2,
PO Box 89,
11070 Novi Beograd

Phone: +381112222743
Fax: +381113248748

Yugoimport-SDPR is representing the Government, Ministry of Defence and military industrial complex of the Serbia and Montenegro in the sphere of importation and exportation cooperation of defence equipment and related services, in accordance with the >Law of Yugoimport-SDPR state owned company<

Yugoimprt-SDPR will present on PSA 2004:

  • Families of combat pistols, SMGs, carbines, assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, GPMGs, HMGs and anti-material rifles

  • Upgrade of II generation AT missile systems by integration of new guidance with anti-jamming capability and new warhead families -tandem anti-tank,tandem anti-bruker (with follow-through grenade), HE and enhanced blast

  • Upgrade of 105mm howitsers,enabling 50% range increase (with new HE-ERammo)

  • 155mm/52cal. Self-propelled gun howitzer on 8 x 8 formula crosscountry vehicle chassis

  • Small-arms ammunition, infantry and vehicle-launched non-lethal ammunition

  • Medium-calibre cannon ammunition

  • Artillery ammunition including 105mm HE-ERBB, 130mm HE-BB, 155mmHE-ERFB/BB

  • Tank ammunition including APFSDS-T in calibers 100mm and 125mm

  • ER rocket family (28 and 38km) for 122mm GRAD MLRS

  • Powders and explosives

  • Upgrade of combat and non-combat vehicles by integration of armour protection systems and various weapon systems

  • Upgrade of AD SAR radars, guns and missile systems

  • Integration of land-based AD systems by conversion of AA IR guided missiles

  • Integration of complex AD systems, AD C41 systems

  • NBC equipment, including III gen, protective masks and filtering protective suits

  • Camouflage equipment and systems

  • Decoys (false targets) with real target signature and radiation simulation capabilities

  • Fast patrol boats from 6 to 250 tons

  • Jet-powered fast patrol boats, aluminium and GRP frame, and from 6 to 250 tons

  • Depth charges

  • River minesweepers

  • Integration of naval armament

  • Naval C41 system

BOV M16 Milosh (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
BTR-50 (Modernization of the vehicle)
BVP M-80AB1 (Modernization of the vehicle)
D-30J (Towed howitzer)
FAP 1117BS/AV (Truck)
LAZAR 2 (Mine protected carrier)
LAZAR 3 (Wheeled armoured personnel carrier)
LAZAR BVT 8808-SR MRAP (Mine protected carrier)
LRSV M-87 Orkan (Multiple rocket launcher)
M-60P (Tracked armoured personnel carrier)
M-84 (Main battle tank)
M101 (Towed howitzer)
M15 (Remote controlled weapon station)
M46/84 (Towed howitzer)
M48 (Gun)
M56-2 (Towed gun)
M56A1 (Self-propelled gun)
M80 (Infantry fighting vehicle)
M80A (Infantry fighting vehicle)
M84 (Towed howitzer)
M86 (Gun)
M87 TOPAZ (Towed gun)
M89 (Gun)
M90 (Turret)
MGS-25 Aleksandar (Howitzer)
NORA B-52 (Howitzer)
Sumadija (Howitzer)
-84AS1 (Modernization of the vehicle)
Last contracts:
Add Date
(Close Date)
Annual Cost
LAZAR 2 (Mine protected carrier) 20
Feb 2014
(Dec 2015)
LAZAR 2 (Mine protected carrier) 3
Jun 2013
(Dec 2013)
NORA B-52 (Howitzer) 5
Mar 2010
(Dec 2011)
M-84 (Main battle tank) 150
Feb 2010
(Dec 2013)
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