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Mezcal Armored Vehicles
12:37 29.10.2016

Mezcal Security Vehicles is a leading manufacturer of armored vehicles based in Dubai, UAE that builds and supplies high quality armoured vehicles ranging from armored passenger vehicles to Military Personnel Carriers. We have particular experience as a long established supplier to military and peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO's, embassies, and other security focused organisations all across the globe. Mezcal's wide product range includes Armored Cars / SUVs, Armored Pick-Ups, Armored Vans/Bus, Armored Cash-In-Transit Vehicles, VIP Armored SUVs, cash valuable transport vehicles, armored personnel carriers, troopers, Riot Control vehicles (armored water tankers, Swat/ Police Tactical Armored Vehicles and convoy escort vehicles.For more details visit:

09:16 10.01.2017

We are looking for a subcontractor who can helps us to fabricate rigid shelter for vehicles ( Trucks) , based in KSA, Riyadh .

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