Manufacturer: KBP Instrument Design Bureau  
Product type: Ammunition  
Name: Projectile  

These systems are intended to engage tanks, infantry combat vehicles, artillery pieces both moving (at a speed of up to 36 km/h) and emplaced in the open or in pits, as well as dugouts, bridges, ferries and water-borne targets (combatant, landing and transport ships). The system comprises a guided artillery projectile and a laser ranger designator.

The systems do not set additional requirements either for the organization of fire positions and command-observation posts or to the accuracy of survey and meteorological data. The projectiles are fired by towed cannons and self-propelled howitzers from direct and indirect laying positions.

The atmospheric environment does not affect the projectile onboard equipment because it is dust-, moisture- and splash-proof, which raises limitations on the time the projectile is outside its container during field preparation of fire.

To protect the optics of the homing head from contamination and damage, the projectile is fitted with a nose unit which separates in flight. To stow the projectile in the standard ammunition rack of the self-propelled mount fighting compartment, it is made up of two sections: the projectile section comprising a warhead, a booster and a fin assembly and the control section (autopilot unit, homing head and nose unit). Both sections are mated before firing with the help of a quick-connect joint. The Krasnopol-M1 guided artillery projectile has the same dimensions and weight as the standard (unguid-ed) projectile which allows its stowage in ammunition racks without dividing it into sections.

To attain the maximum firing range, the Krasnopol-M1 projectile is fitted with a base gas generator (instead of the booster in the Krasnopol projectile), which reduces the projectile length.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)

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