Manufacturer: ZTS Martin AS  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Modernization of the vehicle  


From 1979-80, the then Czechoslovakia undertook licensed production of the Russian-designed T-72M1 MBT for the Czech Army and for the export market.

ZTS Martin was responsible for the chassis and ZTS Dubnica nad Vahom was responsible for the turret. Following the split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the former is no longer involved in the production of MBTs and this is now concentrated at the ZTS Tees Martin facility in Slovakia.

This facility is responsible for marketing the Russian-designed T-72M1, full details of which are given under the T-72 entry in the Russian Federation and Associated States (RFAS).

More recently, ZTS Tees Martin has developed more specialised versions of the T-72 MBT for the export market, as well as a number of variants based on this chassis and details of these are given below.


  • T-72M1 MBT

Standard production vehicle, same as Russian-built T-72M1 MBT.

  • T-72M1 Moderna MBT

Developed to the prototype stage and fitted with locally developed Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA), two Oerlikon Contraves 20 mm KAA-001 cannon mounted externally one either side of the turret and a new computerised fire-control system.

The gunner has the TPD-K1 x 8 day sight with laser range-finder and a VEGA thermal night sight with x 1.8 and x 5.5 magnification. The commander has a roof-mounted stabilised SFIM VS580 series day panoramic sight.

  • T-72M1-A MBT

This is a further development of the T-72M1 and features the installation of the Slovenian EFCS3-72A computerised fire-control system which includes the commander's SGS-72A stabilised passive sight with two magnifications, laser detector warning system, installation of more powerful S12U diesel engine developing 850 hp, modified transmission, new driver's PNK-72 night device, improved protection for hull floor with driver's seat now suspended from roof, new DSM 16.1 combined instrument panel for driver, new Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) package which also provides protection against tandem warheads, new fire detection and suppression system and modified electrical harness. One prototype of this version has been completed and tested.

  • T-72M2 MBT

This is a further development of the above with the following additional modifications, new fire-control system with a ballistic computer, new intercom and radio set, modernised 125 mm smoothbore gun 2A46M2 and removal of two 20 mm cannon and installation of 30 mm 2A42' cannon on right side of turret only. The primary role of the latter is to engage low-flying aircraft and helicopters.

The tank commander has a stabilised SFIM MVS 580 day/thermal panoramic sight incorporating a laser range-finder while the gunner has a FontanaTIGS day/ thermal night sight with integrated electronic module with ballistic computer, control panel and CRT display. The gunner retains the standard TPD-K1 stabilised day sight which incorporates a laser rangefinder.

One prototype of this version has been completed and tested.

  • Zuzana T-72M1 SPG

This is essentially the chassis of theT-72M1 MBT fitted with the complete turret of the Zuzana 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer which is fully described in the Self-propelled guns and howitzers (wheeled) section. This combination has been evaluated in India to meet the requirements of the Indian Army. The Indian Army has selected the South African LIW T6 turret to meet its requirements.

  • VT-72B ARV

This is based on a T-72 chassis with a new superstructure. Pivoted at the right side of the hull is a hydraulically operated crane with a telescopic jib which is traversed to the rear when not required.

Mounted on the forward part of the hull is the main winch, while mounted at the front of the hull is a hydraulically operated dozer/stabiliser blade.

Full details of the VT-72B ARV are given in Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics 1999-2000, page 48.

India has purchased 113 of these vehicles out of a total requirement of around 400 units. These will be used to support the locally manufactured T-72M1 and new Arjun MBTs.

  • MT-72 AVLB

This is currently being offered for the export market and consists of a T-72 MBT chassis with its turret removed and replaced by a launching mechanism for a scissors-type bridge which is launched over the front of the vehicle.

When opened out, this bridge is 20 m long and will typically span a gap of 18 m and take tracked and wheeled vehicles weighing up to 50,000 kg. Full details of this vehicle, which has yet to enter production, are given in Jane's Military Vehicles and Logistics 1999-2000, page 126.


Production as required.

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
? (Supporting roller)
R-173 (Radio station)
TKN-3MK (Commander's sighting system)
TVK-2 (Driver's vision device)

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