Manufacturer: SCANIA  
Product type: Engine and Systems  
Name: Diesel engine  

Although known mainly as a manufacturer of trucks, Scania is also a major supplier of diesel engines for its own vehicles and for installation in other vehicles and ships. These are manufactured by the Scania Industrial and Marine Engines Division.

Scania has a yearly production of more than 50,000 diesel engines ranging from 250 to 800 hp.

Early in 1996, following a competition, Scania Hispania (Scania Spain) was awarded a contract by SSB Blindados SA, part of the SANTA BARBARA Group, for the supply of 700 new Scania D9 diesel engines for installation in the SANTA BARBARA VEC Cavalry Scout Vehicles (6 x 6) and BMR-600 armoured personnel carriers (6 x 6) of the Spanjsh Army.

These are being delivered over a five-year period, starting in late 1996, with the total value of the contract being SKr100 million. The engines will be installed in a total of 642 VEC and BMR-600 series vehicles.

The Scania D9 is a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine which develops 310 hp at 2,200 rpm and is more compact and fuel efficient than the current engine

The Scania D9 is also being offered for installation in the Swedish MOWAG Piranha III family of 8 x 8 vehicles which are normally powered by a Detroit Diesel engine.

TheScaniaDI14 V-8 diesel is installed in the Swedish Hagglunds Vehicle/Bofors Weapon Systems Combat Vehicle 90 series of full tracked vehicle, used by Sweden and Norway, with the latter being a complete Hagglunds Vehicle design.

The CV 9040 power pack consists of a DIM diesel engine developing 550 hp coupled to a Perkins Engine Company X-300-5N fully automatic transmission. The CV9030, developed for the export market, is powered by the DM 4 developing 605 hp at 2,200 rpm.

The same engine, rated at 600 hp in a 14-litre low-profile V8 version is installed in the private venture Giat Industries Vextra (8 x 8) demonstrator which is being currently marketed with a wide range of weapon stations.

Older vehicles fitted with Scania diesel engines include the Brazilian upgraded M41 light tank which is fitted with a Scania DI14A 04 eight-cylinder diesel developing 405 hp.


Production. In service with Brazil (DIM), Norway (DM 4), Spain (D9) and Sweden (DI14).

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)

Included in:
Product Amount
CV9035 Mk III (Infantry fighting vehicle)

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