Manufacturer: EADS Deutschland GmbH  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Command and control system  

The TRML-3D is a medium range, modular, highly reliable, countermeasures-resistant, 3D, C-band, self-contained, mobile radar system. It comprises a remote controlled sensor mounted on a truck along with an integrated secondary radar system and a control shelter which can be deployed 300 meters away from the radar vehicle. The control shelter/vehicle contains the operator workstations.

The TRML-3D has been developed to be integrated in short and medium range air defense systems or operating in stand alone mode. It is intended for rapid reaction forces thanks to its rapid deployment features and is fully compatible with other surveillance radar systems and operation centers.

The main radar system is a surveillance and target acquisition fully-coherent, multimode phased array capable of detecting and tracking small-size, fast and low flying aircraft and missiles. Scanning is performed by a high precision computer-controlled pencil beam and each stationary unit can share information with two neighboring radars. The radar range is greater than 200 kilometers and the scan time is between 2 to 15 seconds.

In 2001, the Air Force of Lithuania ordered three TRML-3D Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar Systems to be delivered between July and August 2004. This purchase was aimed at providing Lithuania with air surveillance capabilities meeting NATO standards.

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