Manufacturer: Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

Radio stations of the MICROWAVE range of complex «Akveduk-K-ĚR» are intended for construction of high-speed radio networks and batch radio communication for ŇCL (tactical command level) with use of a principle of time division of reception, transmission, data multiplexing and maintenance of a radio access.

The complex «Akveduk-K-ĚR» consists of two types of radio stations:

R-168-K-ĚRŔ-user's radio stations (vehicle version);

R-168-K-ĚRD-user's stations of a radio access (manpack version)

Structure of delivery R-168-K-ĚRŔ: unit PRMD, unit of power amplifier (PA), directed antenna ĚRŔ, antenna AB, antenna KR, assembling complete set, device R-168-UVRD-S, SPTA-S complete set, and complete set of documentation.

Structure of delivery R-168-K-ĚRD: transceiver, antenna NV-N, antenna KR, mast, cable connection, battery 10NKGTs-6-2 (secondary source of power supply), SPTA-S complete set, and complete set of documentation. At the request of the customer the complete set of delivery can be added with charging device, and device of transformation of solar energy into electric.

Types of operation of complex «Akveduk-K-ĚR»: mating with ĚŇG (handset) and terminal equipment (TE), transmission and reception of the service, digital and speech information, mating with sources of information via interfaces S1-FL, S1-ŇCh, RS-232C, Ethernet 10@, noiseproof coding of the transmitted information, adaptive re-tuning to spare frequency, cryptographic protection of information, automatic control of serviceability.

Operation modes of complex «Akveduk-K-ĚR»: batch data transmission, adaptive re-tuning to spare frequency, automatic control of serviceability, remote control via interface RS-232C, input, output and emergency erasure of radio data, retransmission at other frequency.

Special features of complex «Akveduk-K-ĚR»:

  • Stable operation despite jamming and interference due to duplication of the information on different radio channels and an opportunity of re-tuning of the second radio channel on the radio frequency not spoiled with interference

  • Application of the directed antennas on two channels simultaneously

  • Batch transmission of the information, including the video images in motion and a speech

  • Uniform channel rate and format of signals for all user's stations

  • Adaptive change of data transmission rate Increase of R-168-K-MRA transmitter output power due to connection of external PA

  • Input and output of the radio data with help of DRDI-S via IR port

  • Maintenance of retransmission on other frequency without loss of rate Increase in rate twice with use of two radio channels simultaneously

  • Each radio modem is a source of transmission of the user data

  • R-168-K-ĚRD provide reception and transmission of the digital information Support of protocols TCPIP, HTTP, TFTP, SNMP

  • Opportunity of reception and data transmission on parking and in movement

  • Type of connection with the COMPUTER - 10@ Base T Ethernet

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