Manufacturer: Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The R-168-0.1U(M)E, R-168-0.1U(M)1E VHF handheld radio stations ensure clear and secure radio communications in tactical command level radio networks in harsh ECM environment.

Delivery set:


  • control console with handset

  • antenna-feeder device with wide-band matching unit

  • primary power supply 6NKGTs-0.94

  • single SPTA set

  • equipment elements

  • operating and technical documentation set

Additionaly, at consumer's requers it is possible to deliver a record console, mating module, adapter for parameters measurement, charging unit, converter solar energy to electrical one.

Types of Operation:

  • FM telephony

  • 16 kb/s secure voice telephony

  • data transmission at the rate of 1.2 to 16 kb/s via interfaces RS-232 or S1FL

Operation Modes:

  • simplex or two-frequency simplex

  • operation with noise suppressor

  • automated radio data recording

  • scanning reception at 4 preset frequencies

  • economiser

  • transmission and reception of tone signal

  • voice informer (prompter)

  • automatic functional testing

  • audible signalling of power supply discharge

Kinds of data transmitted:

  • analog clear, non-protected with built-in cyphering unit

  • analog secure, protected with built-in cyphering unit

  • digital, from external terminal

  • tone call at frequency of 1000 Hz

Particularities of radio stations:

  • Functional-modular design allows rapid in-field repairs by simply replacing faulty modules

  • Ease of operation is provided by minimization of number of the controls and by the automated selection and input of frequency keys and other radio data;

  • Voice informer provides secrecy of operation in night-time, reports to the user of the channel number, cyphering unit operation and the radio station mode of operation

  • Transceiver is produced as a hermetically sealed, impact-strength, dust and waterproof case of aluminium alloy

  • «Free hands» construction, in combination with minimum number of the controls and installation of the antenna on the handset telephone or on the helmet, let to communicate without interruption of carrying-out a task

  • cyphering unit allows talks even in a whisper

  • By their tactical and technical characteristics, the R-168-0.1(U)ME and R-168-0.1(U)M1E radios are recommended to be used instead of analogues: R-147, R-158, R-162-0.1, R-163-0.5R, R-163-1U, R-168-0.1UE, R-168-0.5UE and «Barmitsa-RS»

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