Manufacturer: Yaroslavl Radioworks Corp.  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: Radio station  

The radio station provides clear and encrypted radio communication in VHF/UHF frequency band between mobile and fixed objects at navy tactical command level when utilizing on submarines, any surface vessels and coastal objects for communications with vessels at international frequencies of marine mobile service and for communications with aircrafts at common frequencies, and also for ensuring co-operation within the framework of the ESU TZ.


reception-transmission channel – 2 pieces, mains box, SPTA set, MTÒ-1 handset,operating and technical documentation set.

It is possible to pack a set with additional units AFU HF/VHF, AFU VHF/UHF, AFU VHF2, AFU UHF2 AFU universal, unit for mating with cyphering equipment, remote control unit, LFA, R-168-UVRD-0 unit

Operation Modes:

  • fixed frequency (simplex, two-frequency simplex);

  • cyphering fixed frequency;

  • pseudo-random re-tuning of operating frequency (100 hops per second);

  • adaptive communication


  • operation modes control by control console or remote console R-612-34

  • remote control via interface S2

  • round-the-clock operation with Rx:Tx=5:1 time ratio, when the time of operation in transmission mode is not exceeded 3 minutes

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