Manufacturer: Soltam Ltd  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Towed howitzer  

This is the US M-114 155mm howitzer, updated by Soltam, as these howitzers were left over from World War 2. Key improvements include replacement of the barrel and muzzle brake, addition of a pneumatic rammer driven by an air compressor, new elevation, traverse, and mount, and a telescopic sight for direct firing (+1). The crew requirements are also reduced. Crew of 6 people can operate the system.

This most cost-effective Upgrading Project of the American M114, provides 50% range increase by replacing only the 23 caliber tube with a new unique design, 33 cal. one and equipping it with a high efficiency muzzle brake. Increasing max. range from 14.3 km to 22.5 km

Development TOP

A number of manufacturers have developed modernisation packages that utilise a 155 mm/39 calibre ordnance, for the old US 155 mm M114 towed howitzer which was developed before the Second World War and is now obsolete.

The upgraded Soltam Systems M114S utilises a 155 mm/33 calibre barrel enabling a standard 155 mm M107 HE projectile to be fired to a maximum range of 18,300 m compared to the 14,600 m of a standard US-developed M114 and 18,100 m when fired from a 39 calibre barrel.

The conversion can be carried out in the user's own facilities using a kit supplied by Soltam Systems or Soltam Systems can carry out the upgrade work.

The Israel Defence Force has about 50 155 mm M114 towed howitzers held in reserve, as far as it is known these have not been modified by Soltam Systems to the M114S standard. United Nations sources have shown that none of these weapons were exported by Israel between 1992 and 2000. It is understood that there has been no recent marketing of this weapon.


The 155 mm/33 calibre version does not require such extensive modifications to the existing weapon when compared to the other 155 mm/39 calibre modernisation packages and, according to Soltam Systems, it is a more cost-effective solution.

The new 155 mm/33 calibre barrel has a high-efficiency muzzle brake and is fitted with the original breech ring and breech mechanism of the M114. The new ordnance has a constant 1:20 twist rifling with 48 lands and grooves. The muzzle brake is the same as that fitted to other Soltam Systems 155 mm towed artillery systems.

The cradle remains unchanged although a front bushing has to be added by inserting a new bushing into the original one without the need for extensive machining. The existing spring-loaded equilibrators remain untouched but the upper location is changed, using new brackets bolted to the original points on the saddle.

All other assemblies and components remain untouched, as well as all the integrated logistics aspects.

A loader assist device based on a pneumatic ramming piston is provided as an add-on kit. The loader assist device enhances the rate of fire and loading accuracy as well as easing crew workload by reducing the need to lower the gun for loading.

The conversion kit includes the following:

  • 155 mm/33 calibre tube and muzzle brake

  • Pneumatic ramming system and its installation (the pneumatic cylinder is located on the right trail leg)

  • Mounts and fixtures kit

  • Direct firing telescope as an option

  • Upgrading instruction and technical data pack

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