Manufacturer: China National Electronics Import & Export Corp. (CEIEC)  
Product type: C4ISR  
Name: VHF radio set  

BT-1/ZT-1 VHF Manpack/ Vehicular Frequency Hopping Radio is designed to meet the requirement of the actual combat for soldier/vehicle by adopting state-of-the-art technology. The Radio provides reliable voice and data communication with various operation modes.

Main Functions

  • Anti-jamming communication by frequency hopping

  • Encryption communication

  • Multiple operation modes

  • High speed data transmission (16kbit/s)

  • Digital squelch function

  • Relay/transfer message

  • Remote control function

Main Specification

  • Frequency Range: 30 ~ 88MHz

  • Channel Spacing: 50/25KHz

  • Number of Channel: 1160/2320

  • Preset Channel: 11

  • Power Output: Manpack: 4W/0.2W Vehicular: 50W/4W

  • Modulation Mode: FM

  • Environment Condition:

  • Operation Temperature: -40C~+60C Relative Humidity: +40*0.95% Waterproof: 1 m immersion for 2 hours

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