Manufacturer: State Enterprise Fundamental center of crucial technologies Microtek - SE FCCT M  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Active protection system  

Zaslon intercepts obiique-attack-type weapons at ranges in close vicinity to the protected vehicle, but invariably outside its horizontally-projected area.

The active protection (AP) system Zaslon ('shield') is currently being developed by Microtech in cooperation with other military design organizations. That system, which is without an analogue in the world, is designed to protect stationary or mobile targets from anti-tank projectiles with flat or diving trajectories using whatever types of guidance systems or warheads. Most importantly, in contrast to the existing Russian-designed active protection systems Drozd and Arena, Zaslon provides protection against anti-tank projectiles traveling at speeds up to 1,200 m/s. What's more, Zaslon can be interfaced with an ERA system. Either Drozd or Arena are not capable of that, as they both are designed for accommodation on the tank turret, leaving no room for ERA there. Because those two are impotent to secure against armor-piercing shells, the tank - instead of obtaining better protection as designed - becomes even more vulnerable.

Microtech is currently in preparation for field trials of the prototype Zaslon, to be followed by government trials and integration into Ukrainian military forces due in October. The technology will be of an entirely Ukrainian make, and is planned for installation in all the modernized T-64 Bulat and newly-designed Oplot tanks in service with the country's military.

Microtech is also working on an AP system for lightweight armored fighting vehicles. AP's mission capability has been proven for armor-piercing projectiles and small-caliber gun shells. Light AP Zaslon will comprise a system of nonrecoverable detachable modules of various kinds, with two accommodated on the armored vehicle's upper forebody and as many on its sides (in its integrated configuration). As pointed out by the system designer, the Zaslon lightweight AP system is effective against RPG-7 and RPG-9 rounds, as well as tank-destroying rocket-propelled guided (TRG) projectiles. However, it will be unable to shield against hollow-charge artillery shells or armor-piercing sub-caliber shells which have thicker walls than grenades or TRG projectiles.

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Anders (Light tank)

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