Manufacturer: MOH-9 Armour Ceramics  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ceramic Armour  


This company is South Africa's leading producer of high-tech ceramics and is able to manufacture special alumina ceramic armour in thicknesses ranging from 3 up to 50 mm and in lengths and widths from 20 to 300 mm, in virtually any shape and in various quantities for specific applications.

At approximately half the mass of conventional steel armour, these unique alumina ceramics in composite materials have proved to be ballistically superior to conventional armours.

Various grades of alumina ceramic materials from 92 to 99 per cent Al203, as well as zirconia toughened alumina, are produced for specific customer requirements.

According to the company, its production technology is specifically suited to irregular and nonstandard shapes as well as short production runs.

  • Light armour

Monolithic and multifile ceramic composites are used for body armour as well as for aircraft, VIP and other light vehicle protection. Medium armour

Ceramic composites are produced for armour against medium calibre projectiles from 12.7 up to 23 mm and are commonly used for medium armoured vehicles.

  • Heavy armour

Ceramics are used in heavy armour composites for MBTs, offering protection against both kinetic and chemical attack up to 125 mm ordnance and High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Anti-Tank Guided Weapons (ATGWs).


The armour system can be tailored to suit any vehicle or threat level.


In production. Systems including MOH-9 ceramics have been fitted to the Olifant Mk 1B (an upgraded Centurion MBT), various infantry, engineering and security vehicles. A system has also been fitted to one of the prototypes in the Australian Army Bushrange (4x4) programme. Also used in Mechem's TMRP-6 protection kits and fitted onto mine protected vehicles such as the Alvis 4 (British Army) as well as the Wolf 500 (UNMAC). Various helicopter seats have been fitted with a variant of the MOH-9 armour system.

Included in:
Product Amount
RG-31 Charger (Mine protected carrier)

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