Manufacturer: GROUPE SNPE  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Explosive reactive armour  


Giat Industries and SNPE have jointly developed and are now jointly marketing a family of explosive reactive armour modules called BRENUS to protect heavy armoured vehicles, including tanks, against hollow-shaped charges with a calibre of up to 130 mm which have a nominal penetration of greater than 800 mm of conventional steel armour.

In addition, they have also developed explosive reactive armour packages for lighter full-tracked vehicles such as the M113 (see also following entry) to protect these from attack against Russian Federation and Associated States (CIS) RPG-7 type hollow-shaped charges which have a nominal penetration of greater than 300 mm of steel, as well as against 30 mm armour piercing projectiles.

Late in 1993 the French Army placed a contract with Giat Industries for the supply of sufficient BS G2 ERA systems to outfit two battalions of the French Army equipped with AMX-30 B2 MBTs.

For the AMX-30 application, all the packs are identical and have been fitted to the hull and turret to provide protection against attack from weapons such as the Russian Federation and Associated States (CIS) RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher and most anti-tank guided missiles.

According to Giat Industries and SNPE (who supplies the actual explosive used in this explosive reactive armour system), the explosive reactive armour packs are insensitive to small and medium calibre attack, including 30 mm cannon fire. In peacetime the vehicles would be fitted for, but not with, the explosive reactive armour packs.

The design of the packs is such that they can be quickly fitted and removed under field conditions without the use of any special tools or equipment.

In addition to developing an explosive reactive armour system for the AMX-30 B2 MBTs of the French Army, similar systems have been developed for other vehicles including M48, M60, T-72 and K1 MBTs and for light armoured vehicles such as the M113, BMP-3 and CV 90.

Included in:
Product Amount
AMX-30 B2 (Main battle tank)
Bradley M2/M3 (Infantry fighting vehicle)

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