Manufacturer: LIW, a division of Denel (Pty) Ltd  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Gun-howitzer  

To be on the forefronl of artillery technology and products, it was decided by DENEL to redesign the 155 mm towed artillery system and to add it to its current product base. It will not replace the current G5, still a world leader in its class but improve on it as the next generation towed 155mm Artillery.

The G5-52 system is the latest 155mm Towed Artillery System developed for the artillery. The gun system is more accurate, transportable by transport aircraft, C130 or equivalent and it can be towed by any 10 000 kg type of truck.

The G5-52 155mm has been developed to satisfy the users requirement for modern day warfare, that is:

• The need for fewer but more mobile forces to cover the same operational area;

• To improve the fire precision, requiring less ammunition to achieve the same end result;

• To improve the firing rate;

• To improve the man machine interface making provision for the demography of the world population;

• To be deployed under all possible conditions;

• To be very reliable.


The weapon is a I55-mm, 52 Calibre Towed Gun Howitzer. It has such inherent indirect fire flexibility that it can be employed on the traditional gun, howitzer and mortar roles.

The weapon has been fitted with an APU that enable it to be self propelled for tactical movement.

The ordnance has been optimised for the 52 calibre 155-mm ballistic system. The projectiles are of the extended range type and provide an increased range and target effectiveness when compared with existing systems. Using base bleed projectiles, the weapon has a range of 42,5 km at sea level. Nato and other ammunition can be fired, after consultation with the supplier.

The G5-52 can be towed by a 10-ton (minimum) truck at a maximum speed of 85 km/h. In the self-propelled mode, speeds of 16 km/h on hard level surfaces and 4 km/h on sand, can be obtained lor short tactical movements with the barrel clamped in the firing position.

A turbo charged diesel engine with Hydraulic pumps mounted on it provides hydraulic power to the:

Cylinders for lowering/raising the firing platform.

For spreading/closing the trails.

Lowering/raising the trail wheels.

Thereby enabling a crew of five to bring the gun into or out of action within 90 seconds.

In case the power unit or hydraulic system fails, the G5-52 has a back-up system, utilising another gun or external power pack which enables the crew to bring the G5-52 into action, still using the hydraulic assistance, as usual.

The weapon system consisting of the gun and gun tractor has a crew of six consisting four to operate the G5-52 and two to prepare and supply the ammunition.

The undercarriage is of a high strength steel construction, with split trails and self dig-in spades.

The elevating mass comprising the ordnance, cradle with integrated buffer system, ammunition handling and ramming system. The ordnance consists of the mono-block barrel fitted with double baffle muzzle brake, swing and slide breech and electrically activated tiring mechanism.

The Command and control system, consisting of the ALNS, the telecommunication, the MVRS and LMC are used to lay the gun for indirect fire.

An optical-mechanical sight of the panoramic type is mounted directly onto the trunnion with a compensation system for trunnion cant acting as a back up for indirect fire. A telescopic sight for direct fire is mounted on the compensation system for direct fire up to 3000 m.

The gun offers nominal sea level ranges of:

  • 31,9 km plus with standard projectiles.

  • 42,5 km plus with assisted projectiles.

  • 55 km with rocket assisted projectile (V-LAP).

Rate of fire

  • MRSI up to six rounds.

  • A burst rate of three rounds in 18 seconds.

  • Rapid firing rate of 6 rounds per minute for three minutes.

11 Rounds without replenishment.

  • Sustained firing rate of two rounds per minute until safety precautions prevent further firing can be achieved.


The probable error specification at 75% of maximum range is 0.48% of range and 1,0 mil in line for ВТ and 0.60% of range and 1,2 mil in line for BB. This can be achieved with single lot of propellant and DENEL manufactured HE M1A4 ERFB ammunition.


The accuracy is 0,6 % CEP of range (in lower trajectory)

Note: Accuracy is a User defined system parameter. Accuracy is not dependent on the G5-52 characteristics alone.

Parameters playing a role are:

  • Variation in projectile mass.

  • Variation in muzzle velocity.

  • Accuracy of laying the gun both in azimuth and elevation.

  • Accuracy with which the gun position and target position is determined.

  • Accuracy of MET data.

  • Barrel wear, barrel history etc.


These ranges, combined with elevation angles of:

between - 51 mils and 400 mils, and azimuth angles of + 708 mils to - 708 mils.

between - 401 mils and 950 mils, and azimuth angles of + 495 mils to- 708 mils.

between - 951 mils to maximum, and azimuth angles of + 320 mils to - 570 mils, make this gun a superior gun with respect

to both flexibility and area coverage.



  • The G5-52 155mm gun can be towed at speeds of:

85 km/h with the barrel in the travelling position and

65 km/h with the barrel in the firing position on high ways.

  • The G5-52 can be towed at a maximum speed of 65 km/h on hard surface secondary roads.

  • The G5-52 can be towed at a maximum speed of 45 km/h on cross-country terrain.

  • The 05-52 can be towed at a maximum speed of 40 km/h over a level desert sand terrain.

Self Propelled

  • With the drive system in high range the gun can attain a maximum speed of 16 km/h.

  • With the drive system in low range the gun can attain a maximum speed of at least 4 km/h in desert sand.

  • The gun must always be clamped in the firing position when being driven for long distances.

  • On hard surface the G5-52 can attain a maximum gradient of 30% and be able to stop pull-away from a stationary position against a gradient of 25 %.

  • The G5-52 can attain a 30% side slope with the barrel clamped in the towing position.

  • The G5-52 can turn in a circle of less than 20m, curb to curb, on a hard surface.

  • The G5-52 can turn in a circle of less than 30m, curb to curb on soft sand.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Barrel length (calibres)
Elevation (degree)
Depression (degree)
Traverse arc (degree)
Firing range (m)
Rate of fire (rds/min)

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