Manufacturer: 346th Mykolayiv Mechanical Armor Repair Plant  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

This vehicle is intended for transportation of personnel of special subdivisions, and also carrying out of saving operations. The vehicle is equipped with two powerful diesel engines FPT "IVECO" Tector (EURO-3).

The BTR-70P Armored Personnel Carrier is tetraaxial, with all-wheel drive, possesses high dynamic qualities, high cross-country capacity and motion smoothness, is capable to overcome trenches and ditches on run.

A powerful water cannon installation is installed on the vehicle, which provides to throw out water through water cannon tube with high pressure on the distance up to 50 m. Stocked water is transported in a tank with capacity up to 2000 l. Installation can work from external source: fire-cock, artificial or natural reservoir, movable cistern.

The vehicle is equipped with the following special equipment:

  • System of shooting by grenades "TEREN-6" on range up to 50 m both single fire, and a volley from three or six barrels.

  • System of release of teargas or other gas in the air space surrounding the vehicle from gas-bag, placed on the right and left side.

  • TV-system allowing to examine and write down on a video film all event around the vehicle. The radius of the review is 360.

  • Alarm loud-speaking device SGU "SMERCH" consisting of two flashing beacons, siren and audio system.

  • Latticed plowshare with width up to 3 m.

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