Manufacturer: Hanwha Techwin CO. LTD.  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Ammunition resupply vehicle  

The K10 Armored Ammunition Re-supply vehicle covers the requirements of substantially increased amount of ammunitions in the warfare to the K9 to meet its tactical requirements of higher firing rate, shoot and scoot.

It has a fully automated re-supplying capability to maximize the efficiency of artillery forces, and shares the same chassis, power pack and suspension with the K9 Thunder for efficiency in logistic supports and tactical movements.

Development of K10 ARV

The concept of fully automated ammunition resupply vehicle for Korean Army have been conceived during the early stage of development for the K9 Thunder self propelled howitzer as a firing-position partner for intensifying the tactical effectiveness of K9. But the practical issue of developing fully automated ammunition resupply vehicle surfaced after the completion of K9 Thunder at the end of 1990s. In 2001, Korea's Samsung Techwin was awarded a full-scale development contract for XK10, which is the project name for Korean Army's armored ammunition resupply vehicle (AARV).

The Korean Army required:

  • A system to supply substantially increased amount of ammunition to the K9 meeting tactical requirements of higher firing rate, shoot and scoot

  • A fully automated resupply system to maximize the efficiency of artillery forces

  • K9 Family of vehicles sharing the same chassis, power pack and suspension for efficiency in logistic supports and tactical moves, which must always be coordinated

The benefit of using common systems has reduced development periods and the K10s performance was completely qualified through development test and evaluation, which lasted one entire year. The tests included traveling 6,000 miles with combination of paved, dirt and off-road conditions for pushing the ammunition handling mechanical systems to endurance limits and operational performance tests for docking with K9 and existing systems. A total of more than 70,000 units of ammunitions have been transferred and reloaded into the system testing reliability of the ammunition transfer systems.

Optimizing sustainable fire operation

The electrically driven fully automatic transfer system consists of magazines for ammunition storages, loading and reloading, manipulator, mover, telescopic conveyor and automated inventory management system. It allows any kinds of ammunitions to be transferred at 12 rounds per minute.

Automatic Control System

The flow of charges and projectiles use the same conveyor path while they come from different storage magazines through manipulators and movers. The armor protected extendible conveyor can be operated by remote control at driver's seat using jog switch. It is located at the front of the vehicle to facilitate fast aligning with K9 even in narrow and harsh field condition.

For emergency access to ammunitions, the charge and projectile storage compartment have separate rear access doors for loading or reloading with manual assistance. The ammunition compartment is fitted with fire extinguishing systems to suppress flames.

Common chassis

K10 armored ammunition resupply vehicle, being a K9 family, shares the same chassis, suspension and power pack with the K9 howitzer producing equal armor protection level, off-road mobility and survivability.

Performance Comparison

K10 ARV, comparable to a cargo truck, has a high level of protection which is the same as that of K9 Thunder. The fully automated system guarantees its high performance in any severe battlefield conditions. In resupply mission, the operator is able to select the specific kind of projectiles and charges through manipulator and mover. Even in the darkness, the resupplying mission is not disturbed.

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