Manufacturer: Avibras Industria Aerospacial S/A  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Multiple rocket launcher  

This unguided surface-to-surface rocket is essentially a standard AVIBRAS 70 mm SBAT-70 folding-fin air-to-ground rocket. For land application a 36-tube LM-07/36 (also referred to as the SS-07/36 system) launcher is used, which requires a crew of four. The maximum range is about 8,000 m. The following warhead types can be fitted: AVC-70/AC high-explosive anti-tank; AVC-70/AP high-explosive fragmentation (anti-personnel); AVC-70/AC/AP high-explosive anti-tank/anti-personnel; AVC-70/F flechette; AVC-70/FB white phosphorus smoke; AVC-70/TS practice smoke and AVC-70/E inert practice. The launcher weighs 700 kg empty and approximately 1,000 kg loaded. The length is 3.17 m, width 1.67 m, height 1.19 m and wheelbase 1.47 m. The elevation is 0 to +50 and the traverse 12. A 50 m cable is attached to the launcher for firing purposes. The system is not operational with the Brazilian Army but has been offered for export.

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AVIBRAS Skyfire-70 Weapon System

Further development of the original AVIBRAS 70 mm SBAT rocket system has resulted in the new generation Skyfire-70 weapon system that includes the air-to-ground AV-SF-70 rockets, the AV-LM 70-SF airborne multiple launchers and the land based LM-12/36 rocket launcher.

This has been developed by AVIBRAS as a private venture and the system comprises unguided rockets with a 70 mm (2.75 inch) calibre using composite technology, wrap around fins and spin stabilisation in flight with higher kinetic energy and superior accuracy.

Each rocket is composed by a rocket motor with a warhead and fuze. The combination among the types of rocket motors and warheads allows the assembly of specific rockets for the determined operational employment.

The rockets can be launched from airborne multiple tube launchers that are compatible with American (NATO) airborne 70 mm standard rockets may be utilised with a variety of aircraft. The AVIBRAS AV-LM 70-SF airborne multiple launchers are reusable with 7 or 19 tubes.

These rockets can also be used for surface-to-surface applications using the LM-12/36 rocket launcher.

Skyfire rockets

The AV-SF-70 Skyfire rocket system includes different types of warheads for several tactical applications such as the high-explosive anti-personal/anti-material (HE) warhead, the hollow charge anti-armour/anti-personal (AC/AP) warhead, the anti-personnel flechette (F) warhead, incendiary/smoke white phosphorous (FB) warhead and the anti-runway/anti-material PE warhead.

In addition, the system has two types of training warhead, one inert and the other for impact signalling.

The AV-SF-70 Skyfire rockets can be powered by three models of rocket motors, AV-SF-70 M8, AV-SF-70 M9 and AV-SF-70 M10 with an effective air-to-ground range of up to 4,000 m, 4,700 m and 6,000 m respectively. Surface-to-surface ranges are up to 10.5 km, 10.5 km and 12 km.

Skyfire rocket motors

The AV-SF-70 M8 rocket motor, which uses composite propellant, utilise four folded fins for stabilisation. The Skyfire M8 rocket motor has electrical contact and retention system compatible with the US MK4/MK40 and the Brazilian SBAT-70 rockets.

The AV-SF-70 M9 and M10 rocket motors, which use composite propellant, utilise four wraparound fins for stabilisation. The Skyfire M9 and M10 rocket motors have electrical contact and retention system compatible with the US MK66 rockets.

Skyfire warheads

There are essentially two classes of warheads referred to the weight. The 3.8 kgf class warheads are to be used with the Skyfire M8 or M9 rocket motor. The 6.0 kgf warheads are to be used with the Skyfire M10 rocket motor.

The AVC-70 HE high explosive warheads are fitted with an impact fuze and used as anti-personnel/anti-material weapons for area saturation.

The AVC-70 AC/AP anti-armour/anti-personnel warheads are equipped with an impact fuze and also used as anti-armour/anti-personnel weapons for area saturation.

The AVC-70 F anti-personnel flechette warheads have hardened metallic flechettes and are used as an anti-personnel area coverage weapon. It is intended to be used with the Skyfire M8 or M9 rocket motor.

The AVC-70 FB white phosphorous warheads are fitted with an impact fuze and are used as incendiary and smoke generator weapons for area saturation.

The AVC-70 PE penetration warhead has a special shape and contains high explosive for use as an anti-runway/anti-material weapon.

The AVC-70 E inert practice warhead and the AVC-70 TS training/signalling warheads are used from training purposes.

AVIBRAS 70 Rocket Multiple Launcher 12/36

For land applications, AVIBRAS has developed the 36-tube AV-LM-12/36 towed launcher. This weighs 650 kg empty, 1,250 kg loaded and can either be towed or installed on a dedicated vehicle chassis.

This launcher integrates the AV-SS 12/36 artillery rocket saturation system, a mobile 70 mm rocket system for field artillery employed for area saturation up to 12,000 m.

The AV-SS 12/36 includes a set of AV-LM 12/36 launchers, each with 36 tubes, 70 mm ground-to-ground rockets and equipment for firing computation and control.

The ammunition system is based on Skyfire 70 ammunition with the standard ammunition being the AV-SS-10 HE rocket comprising a AV-SS-70 M10 rocket motor and an AVC-70 HE M2 high explosive warhead of 6 kg.

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