Manufacturer: KVH Industries Inc  
Product type: Navigation Equipment  
Name: Navigation equipment  

The integrated navigation and pointing solution for the digital military

The TACNAV II Fiber Gyro Navigation Engine is the easy-to-integrate, affordable solution for battle management and weapon systems. Ideal for virtually any platform, the system offers a compact design, continuous heading and pointing data output, and a flexible architecture that allows it to function as either a stand alone navigation module or as the heart of an expanded, multifunctional TACNAV system. And with its precision fiber optic gyro (FOG) base and an optional compass sensor providing a complete backup to GPS, TACNAV II can integrate with a host of applications, including navigation and data consolidation for Battle Management Systems (BMS). It’s the perfect navigation and pointing solution for vehicle systems integrators and today’s digital military.


  • Compact, lightweight design for easy installation; Compatible with Universal Multilingual Display (UMD) capable of presenting data in virtually any language

  • Provides 100% availability of navigation data regardless of GPS availability

  • Optional interfaces for turret angle encoders, laser warning receivers, laser rangefinders, and gunshot detection systems

  • Outputs vehicle heading, steer-to, and dead reckoning with optional turret pointing and far target location

  • KVH fiber optic gyro-based design enables automatic “drive and calibrate” capability

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