Manufacturer: KVH Industries Inc  
Product type: Navigation Equipment  
Name: Navigation equipment  

The target location system for turreted armored vehicles

TACNAV TLS is a tactical navigation and targeting system designed for turreted vehicles, including cavalry, reconnaissance, armored personnel carriers, and light armored vehicles. The system offers a range of capabilities, including GPS backup and enhancement, vehicle position, hull and turret azimuth, steer-to/cross-track error displays, and far target location. And when linked to a digital Battle Management System (BMS), TACNAV TLS can provide the force commander with continuous, jam-proof position data, improving operational effectiveness. With its versatile displays, BMS interface, and T•FOG upgrade capability (when greater precision is required), TACNAV TLS brings a new level of flexibility and performance to armored vehicle navigation.


  • Digital interface with Battle Management Systems; optional integration with laser warning receiver

  • Dead reckoning accuracy to within 2-3% of distance traveled

  • Compass-referenced steer-to navigation display; Universal Multilingual Display (UMD) capable of presenting data in virtually any language

  • Links with laser rangefinder to provide >300 meter far target location @ 5 km

  • Available T•FOG upgrade for precision fiber optic gyro performance

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