Manufacturer: Abu Zaabal Engineering Industries Co  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Towed howitzer  

Adu Zaabal Engineering Industries Company, also known as Factory 100, has reverse-engineered the Russian 122 mm D-30 towed howitzer, Chinese 130 mm field gun Type 59 and the Russian twin 23 mm ZU-23-2 towed anti-aircraft gun.

The first 122 mm D-30 was completed in Egypt early in 1984 with the now BAE Systems Land Systems providing some part-machined components which were completed in Egypt.

Factory 100 has also been closely involved with BAE Systems Land Systems in the upgunning of the Russian-supplied T-55 MBT with the BAE Systems Land Systems 105 mm L7A3 rifled gun. Additional details are given in a separate entry for the Egyptian tank fleet.

The Egyptian defence industry also manufactures ammunition for these weapons. For the D-30-M 122 mm system natures include HE, HEAT, illumination and smoke while for the M59-1M 130 mm natures include HE, armour-piercing, smoke and illuminating.

Recent information has stated that the Egyptian Army has a fleet of about 190 D-30 and 420 Type 59 towed artillery weapons.


The complete ordnance and elevating system of the Egyptian-built D-30 is fitted to the SP122 self-propelled artillery system. This was developed by the now BAE Systems, Ground Systems of the US under contract to the Egyptian Army. A total of 124 systems have been purchased with final deliveries taking place late in 2000. Production can commence again if additional orders are placed.

T-54/T-55 with D-30

Early in 1999, it was revealed that a new 122 mm self-propelled artillery system was entering production in Egypt. This consisted of a modified T-54/T-55 tank chassis fitted with a new all welded steel turret armed with the locally produced 122 mm D-30. Prime contractor for the chassis was to be Factory 200 (Egyptian Tank Plant) while prime contractor for the turret and D-30 was to be Factory 100.

Egyptian production of 155 mm 155 GH 52

In August 1999, Patria Weapon Systems of Finland signed an agreement with the Arab Republic of Egypt under which Finland would transfer technology for the local production of the 155 mm 155 GH 52 weapon system. This model is not fitted with an APU and has the designation of the 155 mm EH52. Finland delivered the first complete system to Egypt in 2000. Unconfirmed reports have also mentioned a self-propelled version based on a modified T-54/T-55 tank chassis. It is understood that this system remains at the prototype stage.

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