Manufacturer: State Enterprise Fundamental center of crucial technologies Microtek - SE FCCT M  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Explosive reactive armour  

Functions of explosive reactive armor Duplet

Explosive reactive armour modules Duplet are designed for protection of stationary objects and combat armored vehicles from armor-piercing shells, hollow charge hitting means and self-formed striking hollow-charge shells of EFP (Explosively formed penetrator) type.

Application of explosive reactive armor Duplet

Duplet modules can be applied as part of built-in and mounted armor of tanks and light-armored vehicles.

If a grenade hits part of the combat vehicle protected with Duplet modules, fractures of the vehicle armor are excluded.

Installation of Reactive armor system with Duplet modules increases level of tank protection from hollow-charge and kinetic hitting means by 2-3 times.

Setup and operating principle of Duplet modules

Duplet modules can be replaced with Contact explosive reactive armor elements in proportion 1:2. One Duplet module is installed into a standard bed for installation of reactive armor of any construction instead of two 4S20 and 4S22 elements.

Decreased explosive effect of Duplet modules on the armor along with new construction of bed for installation of modules on the vehicle allows to upgrade survivability of explosive reactive armor by 2 times in comparison with Contact system.

Operation of Duplet system does not require special preparation before operation, maintenance and repair.

Installation of Explosive reactive armor Duplet modules increases level of tank protection from hollow-charge and kinetic shells by 1.5-2.5 when compared with best world analogues of explosive reactive armor like Contact and Blazer.

Reactive armor based on Duplet modules favorably differs from the best world analogues in:

  • Increased level of protection by 1,5 – 2,5 times

  • Ability to securely protect from all types of anti-tank means, primarily from armor-piercing subcaliber shells and self-formed striking submunitions of “striking cannonball” type

  • High reliability of elements operation

  • Protection from armor-piercing shells of small caliber guns

  • Security under fire of all caliber of bullets and fragmentation

  • Increased resistance to high temperatures and humidity

  • Generality of application on all types of combat vehicles

Operation of Duplet modules

When the hollow-charge shell is approaching the vehicle, the cumulative stream initiates the elements inside the Duplet module; each element is forming a directed stream of explosion fragments. Influencing the cumulative stream, the directed flows of explosion break the stream down into separate fragments, therefore damaging its integrity and continuity. This results in significant decrease and sometimes to full absence of armor-piercing effect of hollow –charge hitting means.

The explosive reactive armor based on Duplet modules installed on the basic tank, provides protection from 120 and 125 mm armor-piercing subcaliber shells from a distance of 100 m, hollow charge grenades, artillery hollow charge shells, anti-tank guided and unguided missiles, and subminitions of «striking cannonball» type.

Explosive reactive armor based on Duplet modules has been accepted to the arsenal of Ukraine.

«Duplet» modules can be applied as part of built-in and mounted explosive reactive armor for tanks and light-armored vehicles.

Technical Parameters

Principle of OperationMinute Shaped Charge
ActivationActivates against all types of Anti-tank munitions including AP ammunition of small calibre weapons. Does not activate when hit by small arms ammunitions and shells splinter.
Hitting Angle & Point of HitActivation not dependent on hitting angle & point of hit
Effect on adjoining panelsActivation of one panel has zero effect on adjoining panels
Weight of panels in 1 square meterfrom 400 to 500 kg
Size of each panelOn customers requests

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