Manufacturer: Armtrac Ltd  
Product type: Auxiliary Vehicles  
Name: Mine clearing vehicle  

The Armtrac 75T-230 is Armtrac's middle of the range workhorse. Smaller than the Armtrac 400, the 75T still maintains all of the functionality of its big brother.

With a Tiller width of 2,2 meters the 75T is capable of clearing 1,500 square meters per hour, to a verified (CROMAC tested) depth of 35cm.

As with its larger brother the 75T is also is designed to destroy & withstand 10kg Anti-Tank mines with ease.

The 75T is fully remote controlled up to 800 meters allowing the Operator to either remain at a safe distance while still maintaining 100% control of all the machine's functions, or with its fully armored (can withstand NATO Ball at point blank range), sound proofed & air-conditioned cab an Operator can maintain a bird's eye view of operations in complete comfort & safety.

The cabin maintains the same design as the Armtrac 400 however it can tilt forward to allow easy access to the engine, hydraulics & electrics for ease of maintenance. The cabin can be removed to keep weight and center of Gravity low. The Cabin is detectable and operated by remote control.

As with the Armtrac 400, the 75T Boom can be extended to clear mines in difficult to reach locations such as river banks, while maintaining machine tracks stationary.

In addition, by utilizing industry standard quick hitch systems, numerous attachments may be exchanged for the Tiller, such as backhoe, bucket or power grab, making the Armtrac 75T an extremely versatile & useful machine even out of a mine field, with components available worldwide from JCB.

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