Manufacturer: Armour Group, Inc.  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ballistic protection  

Combining the power of an armored vehicle with the luxury and convenience of your personal vehicle, the RhinoPAK allows full armor input in nearly any vehicle. In addition to a plethora of configurations currently existing in our database for nearly any vehicle, our team of engineers is capable of producing an armor pack for any vehicle you have in mind. This customization and diversity allows for use in limousines, commercial SUVs, pickup trucks, and many more platforms.

The RhinoPAK comes with not only the exact specifications and products required to upgrade your vehicle, you will also be provided step-by-step illustrated instructions for easy installation. If you prefer to have a representative install your product for you, that can be arranged as well.

This product comes with the standard ONEWAY return fire safety glass and, with our armoring specifications, provides up to NIJ Level IV / EN B7 protection.

Rhino PAK portable armor kits have been used extensively in some of the most hostile environments. Our unique design and

patented materials have withstood attacks ranging from firearms to heavy assault rifles.

  • Custom designed for any vehicle

  • Composite armor and transparent ONE WAY Return Fire Glass provided up to NIJ Level IV / EN B7 protection

  • Illustrated installation manual

  • Optional on-site technical support

  • Field installation in less than 4 hours with two technicians and hand tools

  • Easily removed with no damage to vehicle

  • Combat proven to protect and save lives

  • Designed and manufactured to maximize protection at the lowest possible weight cost

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