Manufacturer: RENK France S.A.S.  
Product type: Engine and Systems  
Name: Power pack  

The new powerpack 350S fits into the existing chassis with only minor modifications. This makes this powerpack an attractive option for new-production as well as for upgrade programs.

The powerpack comprises:

  • the fully automatic powershift transmission ESM350, well proven on the MBT PT-91M, ARV WZT-4, AEV MID-M and AVLB Leguan of the Malaysian Army

  • a high performance cooling system designed for hot climatic conditions

  • the modern diesel engine DI16 from Scania (Sweden) with a maximum power of 1200hp

The complete powerpack can be exchanged in less than one hour in field conditions, improving the fleet availability and reducing the operating costs.

The powerpack 350S is the most advanced upgrade solution for the T-72, T-90, M-84, T-80UD and PT-91 main battle tanks, new production or modernization programs:

Best performances

  • Excellent mobility especially in difficult terrain

  • Best agility in urban environments

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Top speed 70km/h – 23km/h in reverse

All-climates utilization

  • Full engine power available even in extreme ambient conditions

  • Automatically and permanently optimized fan speed adapted to cooling needs to minimize power losses

  • Dedicated pre-heating circuit for cold start

Optimized maintenance and logistics

  • Powerpack replacement in 1 hour even in field conditions

  • Ease of maintenance due to the ‘powerpack’ concept

  • Unified maintenance schedule for the engine and the transmission

  • Extended lifetime and high reliability

  • Optimized life cycle costs (LCC)

  • Spare parts availability thanks to a worldwide service network

Property Value
Engine power output (h.p.)

Included in:
Product Amount
PT-91 M Pendekar (Main battle tank)

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
DI16 883kW (Diesel engine)
ESM 350 (Transmission)

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