iNkunzi Strike

Manufacturer: Pretoria Metal Pressings a Division of Denel (Pty) Ltd. - PMP  
Product type: Weapons & Weapon Systems  
Name: Automatic grenade launcher  

iNkunzi Strike is an automatic weapon with a caliber of 20 mm. The weapon has the ability to fire small-sized rounds of caliber 20x42 mm, while the weight of the projectile is 110 grams, the weight of the full round is 160 grams.

The grenade launcher has a length of only 850 mm, a barrel length of 30 calibers and a weight of only 13 kg. A light 20-mm automatic weapon can be mounted without effort on standard 7,62 or 12,7-mm machine guns place.

iNkunzi Strike has a practical rate of fire 300-350 rounds per minute. At the same time, the effective range of fire for small-sized targets is 400 meters, and for large targets - up to 600 meters, for areas (fire to suppress the enemy) to 1000 meters. At the same time, the maximum firing range is 3000 meters. The ammunition supply system is ribbon dual feed.

Ammunition caliber of 20x42 mm was created by Denel PMR engineers and was previously used in the company's serially produced anti-personnel seven-charge grenade launcher iNkunzi PAW-20 Neopup. Its serial production began in 2015.

Currently, two types of basic combat rounds have been created for the lightweight automatic weapon iNkunzi Strike - semi-armor-piercing high-explosive and incendiary. Both types are filled with Hexal P30 explosive (hexogen-based composition) and equipped with a contact action fuse. The zone of destruction of the ammunition 20x42 mm is about two meters. Also there are tracer ammunition. In the future, the manufacturer plans to produce at least two new training ammunition.

The gun can be used to defeat the infantry of the enemy, located both in the open area and behind light shelters. Also with its help it is possible to hit all types of unarmored combat equipment - cars, helicopters and airplanes, located in open parking lots, light buildings. The Hexal P30 explosive provides them with explosive-incendiary effect, and the shortened ammunition dimensions 20x42 mm (compared to 20x82 mm in the GA-1 universal automatic gun) provide a smaller force of the shot.

iNkunzi Strike with a shot of 20x42 mm is more effective than traditional automatic grenade launchers of caliber 30-40 mm. So in comparison with standard western anti-personnel grenade launchers with 40x46 mm rounds, it has much higher accuracy due to the higher speed and more flat trajectory of the projectile's flight. This makes it possible to increase the effective range of fire. For comparison, the initial speed of the projectile from the 20 mm automatic gun iNkunzi Strike is 310 m/s, whereas the initial speed of the grenade of the Russian AGS-17 30-mm automatic grenade launcher is 185 m/s.

It is possible that the lightweight 20-mm iNkunzi Strike automatic gun will be installed in the remotely controlled weapon station SD-ROW (Self Defense Remotely Operated Weapon), which until recently used machine guns caliber 5.56 and 7.62 mm. The use of a light automatic weapon in this weapon station will greatly increase its firepower and will allow installing such a module as the main armament of armored personnel carriers.

Property Value
Main weapon caliber (mm)
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iNkunzi Strike
iNkunzi Strike
iNkunzi Strike