Manufacturer: Nurol Technologies Industry and Mining Co. Inc.  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ceramic Armour  

Nurol Technology provides armor solutions for complete protection of land vehicles taking the level of threat, design of the vehicle and weight criteria into consideration.The armor solutions are specially designed in order to provide the vehicle with minimum load and maximum protection.

Nurol Technology presents moduler solutions by using hybrid armor systems.There are modular systems for ballistic protection against threats.

The geometries of the hybrid armor solutions are prepared modularly according to the ergonomics of the vehicle and is installed in order to provide a maximum protection surface.

Ceramic Material Solutions

The desired ballistic protection level can be provided with many different materials that we produce ourselves according to economic criteria and environmental resistance parameters.These materials options are; Alumina, silicon carbide , RB silicon carbide, boron carbide, RB boron carbide.


Nurol Technology use materials like aramid, high density polyethylene, carbon fibre, S2 and E-Glas in our solutions. The ballistic performance of these materials increase by %30 when they are combined with Nurol Technologies ‘s special solutions.

KALKAN® class armor solutions provide complete and regional modular solutions for especially Armored Personnel Carriers or Armored Combat Vehicles.

The conventional steel or aluminum solutions are insufficient for today’s combat vehicles.Necessities such as light-weight, performance, mobility, amphibious movement, maximum ammunition trasportation, maximum range make latest technology solutions imperative.Nurol Technology presents KALKAN® armor solutions, most effective and economic armor kits entirely with national oppurtunities.Its flexible structure enables it to overcome the most difficult integration conditions and tight tolerances.

KALKAN® , can be applied on as Add-On externally with minimum weight on the current armor levels of armored vehicles and can also be evalucated structurally during the design of the vehicle .All KALKAN® class armors are in accordance with NIJ, B levels and local standards such as UL in addition to requirements such as Stanag 4569 and Stanag 2920.

KALKAN® structures comprise of advanced ceramics, metals and various composite materials according to the level of the threat and the customer’s criteria.All products are easy to install and present perfect resistant to environmental conditions ( in accordance with MILSTD-810) and multi-hits.

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