Iron Fist Light

Manufacturer: I.M.I. Israel Military Industries Ltd  
Product type: Protection Systems  
Name: Active protection system  

IMI Systems in cooperation with General Dynamics takes active protection to the next level with the new Iron Fist Light (IFL) Active Protection System (APS). IFL is a generic add on configuration applicable for all kind of armored platforms from light 4x4 vehicles up to medium and heavy Armor Fighting Vehicles (AFV).

The System’s hard-kill concept is based on intercepting the threat by launching a small warhead and initiating it at a safe distance from the protected platform, at a precisely calculated moment, and defeating or destructing the threat through a shock-wave effect.

IFL provides 360-degree protection coverage for close- range scenarios in both open terrain and urban environments. Through its two sensing techniques - a search-and-track radar and staring infrared sensor - the System offers a unique Situational Awareness capability with robust and reliable threat detection, accurate trajectory prediction as well as short reaction time in all terrain environments. The revolutionary design of the IFL minimizes the dimensions of the APS while maintaining combat efficacy and force protection. The system’s scale facilitates rapid integration onto the full range of combat vehicles and its dimensions open new possibilities to equip new vehicles with APS, as well as upgrade legacy platforms of which size, weight and power constraints are a challenge.


  • Easy Integration

  • Minimal SWAP on Vehicles

  • Open Architecture and Modular Design

  • Reliable Detection

Operational Characteristics:

  • Protection against ATRs and ATGMs

  • Short reaction time for short range ATRs engagement

  • 360° coverage, high elevation angle

  • Two independent sensing techniques (RF and IR)

  • Operational in both open terrain and urban environments

  • Situational Awareness based on system’s IR and radar sensor suite

  • Hostile fire dection (HFD) and small arms ammunition burst detection

Integration features:

  • Low power drain from the vehicle

  • Lightweight (220 pds for side, 551 pds for overall platform)

  • Small dimensions and low silhouette

  • All-in-One precalibrated unit

  • Bolt on, no penetration to vehicle structure

Safety features:

  • Insensitive munition (IM) explosive

  • Small blast interceptor, minimal collateral damage

  • Hardware and software mechanism for preventing false fire

  • Fuzing redundancy and fail-safe initiation

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Iron Fist Light
Iron Fist Light