PPND B03S03 Sodema

Manufacturer: Vologda Optical-And-Mechanical Plant VOMZ JSC  
Product type: Fire Control Systems  
Name: Fire control system  

PPND B03S03 Sodema Multichannel Thermal Imaging Fire Control System intended for integration in the modernized version of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles. It is designed and manufactured by Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant (VOMZ). For the first time it was demonstrated in the BMP-3 at the RAE 2013 exhibition. In May 2017, information appeared on the beginning of deliveries of modernized BMP-3 with the Sodema to the Russian army.

Sodema is designed for observation of the the battlefield, detect and identify targets, measure the range to the target. The sight has an independent two-axels stabilization of the field of view, it is equipped with a day-sighting and thermal imager, an integrated laser range finder and a guided missile guidance channel.

The main technical characteristics of the Sodema sight

  • Range of target identification, not less than 5500 m

  • Zoom in x2.5 and x12

  • Field of view 4 and 20

Thermal imager:

  • Target detection range of tank type, not less than 3000 m

  • Wavelength 8 - 12 μm

  • Wide field of view 9×6.75

  • Narrow field of view 3×2.25

  • Field of view with electronic zoom 1.5×1.12


  • Measurable range, from 200 to 9500 m

  • Absolute accuracy of range measurement, 5 m

Included in:
Product Amount
BMP-3M (Modernization of the vehicle)

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PPND B03S03 Sodema