Manufacturer: EXOTE OY  
Product type: Ballistic Protection  
Name: Ceramic Armour  

Exote-Armour is a new metal-ceramic composite capable of stopping multiple high-velocity AP rounds, including those equipped with hard metal cores. Exote is effective against any type of AP round, but most competitive against highly penetrative types, such as the M993 / FFV 7.62x51R or 12.7mm / 14.5mm caliber AP rounds.

Exote-Armour is capable of stopping several such AP rounds fired at a small target area. After stopping a shot only the area of impact - marginally larger than the caliber - is damaged, and the remainder of the plate remains protective. Hence, the multi-hit capabilities of Exote-Armour are exceptional in comparison to any other light-weight armour material.

Exote-Armour is also extremely robust, and can withstand shocks encountered during normal use: rapid driving a rough terrain, flying stones, rough handling of body armour plates, etc. Exote-Armour plates can, for example, be attached directly onto the outer surface of the vehicle chassis without additional shock absorbing layers.

Due to its proprietary manufacturing process, Exote-Armour can be produced in large quantities at a rapid pace. Exote-Armour can be produced in the form of flat plates, or as a variety of complex shapes. Manufacturing can be cost-effectively distributed to any locations where basic industrial infrastructure exists.


Weight comparison of armour materialsExote-Armour is a metal matrix composite. It is bound to a metallic or composite liner behind the hard armour base to prevent hard metal particles from the destroyed bullet from penetrating the structure.

Exote-Armour plates can be produced in almost any shape and thickness. The most popular plate sizes vary from 50x50 to 200x200 mm. Exote-Armour is produced in all thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm.

Exote-Armour's melting point is exceptionally high. It endures acetylene, laser and plasma cutters. The armour is incombustible, non-toxic, rustproof and it does not oxidize.

Exote-Armour objects can be produced as functionally graded compositions where the material characteristics can gradually change from e.g., very hard (for impact side) to softer and stiffer (for side attached to liner).

Why Exote-Armour is lightweight

Weight comparison of armour materialsExote-Armour typically requires a metallic or composite liner (e.g. aramide or polyethylene) behind the hard armour base to ensure that no fatal penetration takes place.

Typical armour lack the capability to destroy the hard-metal penetrator, which remains as hard and sharp after impact and penetration of the armour plate. The hard-metal penetrator, if not crushed by the armour plate, can easily cut through the liner, resulting in fatal consequences.

Exote-Armour allows use of a thinner package of liner can be used, because even if penetration of the armour plate takes place, no bullet or penetrating piece remains to be stopped by the liner.

In the case where 180 kg/sq. m of armoured steel (hardness 500 HB) is required to stop the 7.62x51/M993 AP round (tungsten carbide AP 930 m/s), it can be replaced with a composition of Exote-Armour and liner, weighing less than 50 kg/sq. m.

Lighter and harder than the rest

Exote-Armour is a ballistic armour material with features far superior to the conventional ceramic armours. Exote-Armour gives efficient protection even against the new generation of AP rounds with tungsten carbide cores.

Exote-Armour also has enhanced multi-hit capacity due to it's unique ductile stucture. It is lightweight, easy to install and adjustable to any shape or thickness required in the end product.

How does Exote-Armour work?

Exote-Armour is harder than any modern AP round's penetrating tungsten carbide core and the armour breaks the round into dust.

Exote-armour spreads the energy of the hit and distributes it over a larger area thus fully neutralizing impact. The damage area is much smaller than that of conventional ceramic armours due to Exote-Armour's unique toughness.

Exote-Armour's damage area is only 20-30% larger than the caliber of the hit and the rest of the plate will still remain protective. Exote-Armour is by this nature a superior multi-hit armour.

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