Manufacturer: Peleng JSC  
Product type: Sighting Systems  
Name: Panoramic periscope  

PKP-MRO - the commander's panoramic sight for the reconnaissance and fire, can be mounted on armored vehicles of medium and heavy weight.


  • Panoramic (360) view of the terrain, providing the operator with observation and recognition of the target at any time of the day and night, vertical guidance from -30 to +60

  • Determination of the angles aiming at the target, measuring the range to the target using a laser rangefinder

  • Generation and transmission of information and control signals to ensure joint operation with the fire control system of the vehicle

  • Reception and execution of the command for automatic guidance of the line of sight in the specified direction in the "hunter-killer" mode


  • Stabilization of the field of view in two planes

  • "Hunter-killer"

  • Surveillance channels: main TV channel, overview TV channel, thermal imaging channel

  • Laser rangefinder: 1.54 μm

  • Flexible architecture

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