Panthera F9

Manufacturer: Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles LLC - MSPV  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Wheeled armoured personnel carrier  

Protection levels:

  • Up to B7/ STANAG 4569-2 kinetic threat.

  • STANAG 4569-1 mine threat.

Its strong. Its sturdy. And offers superb mobility. Meet the Panthera F9 5-door armored personnel carrier with proven ballistic protection and advanced off-road capability. Use it to safeguard borders, explore unknown and rough terrains, or other low intensity operations. A smart design allows the vehicle to be fitted with weapon stations and communication systems, making it a versatile armored military vehicle. The Panthera F9 is also available as an armored ambulance, with up to 4 stretchers.

Security features:

  • certified ballistic steel and glass

  • runflats

  • land mine protection.

MSPV Advantages:

  • quick build

  • extensive customization

  • reliable support


  • Tow bars, jerry can holder, tool boxes, shovels, sand ladders, etc.

  • Remote controlled, roof-mounted search light

  • Rear view camera

  • Rear swivel door with fold down step

  • 3-piece aluminum or 2-piece steel rims with runflat systems

  • Front mounted electric winch


  • Dual heater and air conditioner

  • Seats 2+9 with 4-point harness in two rows of individual seats and two rear bench seats

  • Stretcher and first-aid kit

  • Front cabin roof hatch, side and rear facing gun ports, optional 360 ring mount with or without cupola, optional additional roof hatches, etc

  • Can be fitted with communications equipment C4ISR, surveillance/ monitoring capability, electronic counter measure, remote-controlled weapon station, STORM non-lethal, and other mission systems.

  • Complete interior layout can be tailored to suit specific requirements

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Panthera F9
Panthera F9
Panthera F9
Panthera F9
Panthera F9
Panthera F9