Manufacturer: Textron Marine & Land Systems  
Product type: Armoured Vehicles  
Name: Reconnaissance Vehicle  


The LAV-600 (6 x 6) armoured car has been developed as a private venture by Cadillac Gage and was announced in 1985.

The LAV-600 was previously known as the V-300 A1 but was renamed in mid-1986.

So far one prototype of the LAV-600 has been built and fitted with the private venture Cadillac Gage 105 mm Low-Recoil Force Turret also installed on the Cadillac Gage Stingray light tank, full details of which are given in the Light tanks section.

Gunnery trials with the 105 mm Low-Recoil Force Turret, including firing the 105 mm gun at all angles of elevation and with the turret traversed 90 to the vehicle's centreline, were very successful.

The LAV-600 armoured car uses many automotive components of the Cadillac Gage LA V-300 Armoured Vehicle Range (6 x 6) which is fully described in the Armoured personnel carriers (wheeled) section. Late in 1988, the LAV-600 (6x6) armoured car carried out extensive firepower and mobility trials in Egypt.

While the vehicle is marketed as the Cadillac Gage LAV-600 it is now actually built by Textron Marine & Land Systems.

Full details of the Stingray light tanks, of which there are now two versions, are given in the earlier Light tanks section. The first model is in service with the Royal Thai Army.

The latest model, Stingray II, has yet to enter production although marketing continues.


The hull and turret of the LAV-600 are of all-welded Cadloy armoured steel which provides protection from small arms fire and shell splinters.

The driver is seated at the front left of the vehicle with the engine compartment to his right. Above his position is a single-piece hatch cover that opens to the rear and in front of this are three periscopes that give observation to the front of the vehicle. The centre periscope can be replaced by a passive night vision periscope for driving at night. In the left side of the hull, to the rear of the driver and between the first and second roadwheel stations, is a square hatch that opens downward to provide access to the vehicle with a bulletproof observation periscope above. Mounted on the glacis plate is a travelling lock for the 105 mm gun.

The turbocharged Cummins V-8 engine is to the right of the driver and develops 270 hp at 3,000 rpm. It is coupled to a fully automatic Allison Transmission transmission. The single-speed transfer case has a spline engagement clutch for the front axle.

All axles are of the single reduction hypoid type with silent locking differentials. Suspension on the front axle is of the coil spring type while the rear axles have torsion bars. Steering is power assisted on the front axle only. The rear two axles of the LAV-600 are fitted with no-spin differentials that practically eliminate wheel slippage.

The turret is identical to that installed on the Cadillac Gage Stingray light tank and full details are given in the Light tanks section. While the preproduction LAV-600 has the complete turret of the Stingray light tank built for the Royal Thai Army it is envisioned that production vehicles would use the complete turret of the latest Stingray II light tank which has a number of improvements.

At the rear of the hull are two large outward-opening doors, each of which has a firing port with a vision block above. The prototype has a single door with an integral vision block which is used for ammunition resupply as the turret holds eight rounds, the remaining 28 rounds being carried in the hull.

Standard equipment on production vehicles would include radios, an intercom for the crew of four and a manually operated fire-detection and suppression system. Mounted internally at the front of the hull is a power-operated winch for self-recovery and recovering other vehicles.

Optional equipment includes NBC protection with M13A1 ventilated face masks for all crew members, chemical-resistant paint, night driving lights and an automatic Halon fire-detection and suppression system as well as two portable Halon bottles. If required, the roof-mounted 7.62 mm machine gun can be replaced by a 12.7 mm M2 HB machine gun with 100 rounds of ready use ammunition.

Other optional equipment for the LAV-600 includes run-flat inserts and a central tyre-pressure regulation system.


Development complete. Ready for production.

Property Value
Number of wheels
Main weapon caliber (mm)
Number of drive wheels
Weight (kg)
Power-to-weight ratio (h.p./t)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Track (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Max. road speed (km/h)
Max. road range (km)
Gradient (%)
Side slope (%)
Vertical obstacle (mm)
Engine power output (h.p.)
Number of forward gears
Number of reverse gears
Auxiliary gun calibre (mm)
AA gun caliber (mm)
Number of smoke grenade launchers
Ammunition of the main gun
Ammunition of the auxiliary gun
Traverse arc (degree)
Elevation (degree)
Depression (degree)
Planes of gun stabilization

Has folowing part:
Total Amount
6 CTA 8.3 (Diesel engine)

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