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KMDB Has Tested a BAU-23x2 Remote Controlled Weapon Station

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BAU-23x2 remote controlled weapon station

Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) has developed and tested a new single-seated BAU-23x2 remote controlled weapon station. It is designed for firing at the men power and armoured targets both ground and aerial.

The module main armament is two 23-mm automatic guns 2A7M with rate of fire of 850 rounds per minute each, range of fire 2000 m and ammunition load of 200 projectiles. Additionally mounted KT-7.62 (PKT) machine gun with 2000 rounds.

Module control manual. Provides for laying in azimuth 360 degrees, in elevation from -4 to +55 degrees.

The module provides for reliable protection of the gunner up to 12.7 mm ammunition. The gunner is seated inside the hull and, additionally to the armour, he is protected from the upper hemisphere by armament, which is arranged above. Additional protection is ensured by the smoke screening system, consisting of six 81-mm smoke grenade launchers, three at each side of the module. The smoke screen is set in the gun laying direction.

Weight of BAU-23x2 is about 1 ton only, ensuring the possibility to mount it on light armoured vehicles with weight starting from 6 tons. KMDB has tested it on the chassis of the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier BTR-70 and on the South African armored personnel carrier RATEL.

The basic advantages of the module are as follows: little weight, reasonable price, high degree of protection of gunner with provision of high fire power.

BAU-23x2 is suggested for upgrading of light armoured equipment to increase its fire power. It is planned for supply both to the Ukrainian army and abroad.

V. Vakulenko

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11:10 21.03.2015


Thanks for this good information

We used this turret in our fighting against Isis its useful and we modified and put it on the Hamvie , we have idies to put this turret on another vehicles,what is the approximately price or coast of this equipment

Thanks alot

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