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Hatehof Unveils Zibar Ultra-High Mobility Special Operations Vehicle at Eurosatory

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Hatehof Unveils Zibar Ultra-High Mobility Special Operations Vehicle at Eurosatory

Eurosatory, Paris -- Hatehof, a world leader in research, development and production of protected vehicles against conventional and unconventional threats, will introduce its new Zibar ultra high mobility multipurpose combat vehicle at this year’s Eurosatory.

Intended primarily for use by special operations forces, law enforcement, reconnaissance and logistics units and as a platform for antitank missiles, Zibar enables remote operation of weapons systems, carries up to five soldiers and offers impressive off-road performance. The Zibar vehicle can be seen at Hatehof’s booth F201-PE6B located outside.

“This vehicle was created to meet the needs of Special Forces worldwide,” says Shimon Shacham, Hatehof’s CEO. “This new vehicle offers a winning combination of maneuverability and mobility resulting in new levels of operational effectiveness.” Shacham goes on to explain, “Our designs are based on modern and highly efficient engines and fully independent suspension, utilizing proven, high quality automotive components. These proven pieces combine to offer superior performance parameters, extremely high mobility and easily customized configurations, optimized for each customer without compromising quality standards, accessory levels and interior comfort.”

With a gross vehicle weight of four tons, the Zibar has a 1.6 ton payload capacity. While it’s fully air conditioned interior is designed for efficient operation in high desert temperatures, the vehicle boasts extreme off-road mobility with its customized engine mated to a four-by-four, automatic gearbox and a heavy duty transfer case. Off-road racing-derived design and automotive components enable Zibar to negotiate steep dunes and rocks. The vehicle boasts a 90 degree approach angle and an 80 degree departure angle, as well as a 37 centimeter under axel ground clearance. The vehicle is able to climb 0.75 meter high steps, cross 0.8 wide ditches and handle 60% side slopes. Additionally, it is designed to move through thick jungle vegetation, deep mud, and water up to 0.8 meter depth. Zibar has a seven second 0 to 100 km/hr acceleration capability, a 180 km/hr top speed, fully combat loaded, and it can travel over 700 kilometers on a single tank of fuel.


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