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IBD’s Presentation of 4th Generation Armor Technologies at Eurosatory 2010

Category: Defence Industry

The significant advantages of IBD’s 4th generation armor technologies were presented at various locations at this year’s Eurosatory trade show in Paris. New options in the design of survivability kits can be applied to an extended variety of platforms due to the use of IBD's nano-technologies in ceramics and steel.

IBD succeeded in making them producible in large quantities at a reasonable price. The variety of platforms can even be topped when the AMAP-ADS Active Defense System is included in the design of the survivability kits.

As an example a LMV 4x4 vehicle in the 7 to range, equipped with a combination of these advanced technologies, was presented at the IBD booth:

• Ballistic protection levels up to STANAG 4569 Level 4 were installed on the vehicle to show the potential of the new ceramic materials.

• A high level mine protection kit (STANAG 4569 Level 2b/3b underbelly and Level 3a/4a for the wheel house), combined with an IED-protection was shown.

• New developments in glass materials were demonstrated with transparent armor conforming to STANAG 4569 Level 3+.

• With the integration of the AMAP-ADS Active Defense System it is now possible, to protect even such a light vehicle against shaped charges. The system was demonstrated in live demonstrations during the show. This demonstration made the tactical advantage clear: after the attack the vehicle remains mobile and the crew can continue its mission.

Taking all these technological options together, IBD has a much higher flexibility to realize tactical benefits for the user by balancing higher protection levels and the need for more payload and higher mobility. The options shown on the LMV can be scaled to any other platform.

Examples for these advanced protection concepts were shown during the event on various platforms, from light 4x4 vehicles to main battle tanks:

• IVECO LMV 4x4 with gunner protection

• IVECO VTMM 4x4 - New nanometric steel technologies, advanced composite IED protection


• IVECO ASTRA - Cabin with modular, ballistic and mine protection. Add-on protection kit storable in containers

• Renault Sherpa APC 4x4 - Ballistic protection

• Renault VAB 4x4 - Ballistic, IED and mine protection

• Renault VAB 6x6 - Ballistic, IED and mine protection

• Patria AMV with new turret

• Leopard 2 A4 Evolution - Modular Protection Concept against large caliber KE and shaped charge ammunition, IEDs (blast and fragmentation), EFPs, Heavy mines, Bomblets.

Disposable Windshield Protection (DWP)

Another novelty presented for the first time is the Disposable Windshield Protection (DWP). This protection is intended to avoid chipping of the windshield by stones. The damaged sheet can easily be taken off from the windshield and be replaced by a new one.

This cost effective solution can also be used for other exposed transparent armor such as driver periscopes. It saves the costs for expensive replacements of transparent armor and also time for the repair.


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