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Turkey invites new bids for tanks

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Undersecretariate for Defence Industry (SSM) of Turkey, being responsible for defence procurement in this country, officially invited bids for Turkish Main Battle Tank.

Earlier in 2000 this country already carried out tender trials of tanks. At that time four countries Germany, Ukraine, USA and France took part in it. And practically all, except Ukraine, offered their equipment with substantial license restrictions. Final decision regarding the winner has not been taken.

Basic difference of the new tender is that the main goal of Turkey is to establish their own armoured industry with complete closed cycle inside the country.

So far the tender participants are not yet known. Although it is clear that electronics for the Turkish tank will be supplied by Aselsan, weapon and ammunition by MKEK. Specially established consortium B.O.F., incorporating such Turkish companies as BMC, OTOKAR and FNSS, will be the project integrator.

As a temporary measure, designed to ensure defensive potential of the country for the coming years, modernisation of M-60 tanks with participation of Israeli industry started in Turkey in 2005. Totally 170 tanks are to be modernised at the cost of 688 million USD.

Sergyi Wey

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Alik Bright
13:31 16.02.2006

Once again? They already tried once a couple of years ago. It might be they have too many extra bucks to throw away. Or squeeze out new technologies from bidders?

16:24 17.02.2006

To Alik. Why are you bothered with Turkish bucks? Let them do whatever they like. They are concerned of their army and do something about it.

Alik Bright
16:40 17.02.2006

They can just as well spent this money to fight bird's flu or some other humanitarian projects. And if they want new armour - why not continue to upgrade their M60.

Soner Gulal
01:09 24.03.2006

It is not an option to blew the MBT project in change for the bird flu. The older M60 is maybe 40 years in service and needs replaced by a more modern platform. Ofcource, modernization of the M60 series is possible but it will bever be better than the M1A2 Abrams or the T-80UM. When Turkey has designed her own tank, it will also be available to Turkeys allies for sale. You can earn money from it...

14:51 29.03.2006

I doubt Turkey can sell the tank to anybody except Muslim countries. But there is already the first Muslim tank - Al-Khalid. When the new tank is ready, will it compete with Pakistani Al-Khalid?

13:54 10.04.2006

The list of bidders includes Korea, Germany, France and USA. There is neither Pakistan nor Ukraine in the list.

16:19 12.05.2006

Turkish MBT in current inventory are toys compared to the new Leo 2A6 HEL , which is quickly increasing in numbers , in Greek armor.

Soner Gulal
03:26 14.05.2006

Turkey will use the 298 Leo-2A4's and 170 Sabra tanks for a short time till it developes it's own tank. With it's 468 tanks with 120mm gun, it is able to fight the Greek tanks. Ok, the Leo-1 and M48's are old. But the 120mm gun is able to destroy the M48 from 3000 meters and m60's from 1500-2000 meters of distance what Greece also have it in its inventory.

Also the Greek AFV's are a toy today for the Turkish army in terms of equipment and training. Turkey has about 120,000 DU rounds for their 105mm guns wich improves it's performance when hits a target. The Leo-2A4 is able to destroy the Leo-2A6E also what Greece is buying from Germany. Turkey takes now delivery of the first batch of the 298 Leopard-2A4's and the first of the 170 Sabra tanks.

One thing is changing in the future: Greece is buying tanks and Turkey will be producing it's own MBT with equal performance. Turkey will not compete with Pakistan because of it's long standing relationship and both countries are trading in terms of military technology.

06:02 06.06.2006

This is leading to a debate about Turkey vs.

Plain and simple, Turkish land forces(tanks) would crush the greeks in a matter of months, the Greeks would simply be overwhelmed by the shere power and numbers of Turkish opposition.

Im not saying the Greeks would just give up, there would be heavy casualties on the Turkish side. But when infantry comes into it the Greeks haven't a chance, the Turkish are considered by NATO to be the second most combat experienced and powerful

nation behind the US in NATO, that means more powerful than Britain, Germany and France. What experince does Greece have ? peacekeeping! and thats all.

The Greek military has better technology in almost everything and would prove a very difficult apponent for Turkey. But in the next 5 years the Turks will pass Greece in technology. And will no longer feel threatened from Greece so They will avoid combat at all costs to get into the EU.

Alik Bright
15:21 06.06.2006

Guys! it is not worth arguing which tank is better. if it comes to real comparison neither will gain anything except ...

14:43 07.06.2006

yes, Alik is right arguing wont do anything. But about Turkey developing its own tank, it is a joint manufacture between Turkish company 'Otokar' and American Company 'General Dynamics', and when the tank is developed the US will recive the first 100 but after that manufacture will continue for Turkey until they have enought to replace the M48's, M60's and

Sabra 3's.

That is the plan so far so we will Have to see in the next 2 - 3 years. Turkeys modernisation of its armed forces is the largest in history. They are also in the Joint Strike Fighter Program.

14:47 07.06.2006

Sorry i meant to mention General dynamics will only share technology with other tukish companies, they will not aid in manufacture,my mistake I apologise. One of the second Turkish companies wil be FNSS

09:16 26.06.2006

These Turks just like collecting bids and then they buy nothing.

13:51 30.06.2006

The Turks are losing their grip over Kurdistan and are trying to keep that territory by having a strong army. But their aggressive policy there will result in nothing.

22:00 05.07.2006

Turkey would cruch Greeks in a matter of months? You are dreaming buddy. There are 6 million Jews in Israel and they destroy over a billion muslims anytime they want. In one day they detroyed the Syrian airforce. Go fight in the moutains loser! The greeks destroyed the Italians and the Germans and will do so to the Turks anyday. Even the Americans thought they could beat the Vietmanese. Bottom line is Muslims are at the bottom of the pecking order. They cannot think or fight. A complete joke. All they do is whine about America and the Jews. Bring your army to the moutains and we will send you back to mohamman the devil.

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