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Armoured personnel carriers of Morozov Design Bureau shall be equipped with German Deutz engines

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Ukraine -- The leading enterprise in development of armoured equipment and artillery systems in Ukraine – Kharkov Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau has fitted a German diesel engine Deutz into a new domestic special purpose armoured vehicle DOZOR-B.

This information has been given by Lt General Mykhail Borysyuk - Doctor of Science, General Designer of armored equipment and artillery systems of Ukraine, Head of State-owned Enterprise Morozov KMDB.

According to him, earlier, the first prototype of the armoured personnel carrier DOZOR-B was fitted with a joint Ukrainian-Italian venture IVECO – Motor Sitch 100 hp engine, but a number of customers desired to enhance the mobile capabilities of Kharkov made DOZORSs. Nowadays, DOZOR-B power has come to 200 hp and it got «better performance and became more comfortable in control», said the Head of Design Bureau.

He also said, that specialists and customers could get acquainted with this prototype of the armoured personnel carrier at the exhibition in Kiev. According to the General Designer, trials of DOZOR-B with Deutz engine are scheduled for this spring at the testing range of KMDB near Kharkov. But at present, continued M. Borysyuk, the preparation for series production of these vehicles is under way.

He noted, that interest to new model was also shown by customers both in Ukraine and abroad. Designers from KMDB, who made two prototypes of specialized equipment – armoured personnel carrier DOZOR-B and armoured vehicle DOZOR-A can also offer some other versions, in particular, vehicle for police and special forces units, ambulance and reconnaissance vehicle as well as general purpose vehicle.


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10:47 21.02.2006

Is it a new breakthrough for Ukraine? After tanks it might be the new big project. And what do our "friends" from NATO think?

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