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The First Set of Durability AGT 1500 Turbine Engines Completed

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Anniston Army Depot completed the first set of durability AGT 1500 turbine engines as part of the Army's Total Integrated Engine Revitalization, or TIGER, program.

The four engines, along with four upgraded transmissions, were sent in July for testing at Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., where the powerpack was mated and tested in the M1 Abrams tank.

The U.S. Army expects the TIGER program to improve and extend the life of the AGT1500 turbine engine used to power the Abrams family of vehicles.

Under a long-term agreement, the Program Manager Heavy Brigade Combat Team, TACOM LCMC, ANAD and Honeywell want to give the Soldier a more durable tank while reducing the cost of operating it.

Honeywell, which occupies building space at the depot under facility use agreements for various partnering programs, provides engineering support and integrated supply chain management for the TIGER program, as well as durability design improvements, material management and data collection.

The four X1100 transmissions that went to Yuma with the engines were upgraded from their regular 13,000-mile capability to one that will run for 19,000 miles, said Trent Stewart, production controller. He said all four transmissions passed testing.

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